In emergencies involving people trapped in dangerous situations, the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department calls upon its Technical Rescue Team (TRT).

Technical Rescue Team members are part of the department's Florida Task Force 5 Urban Search and Rescue team. The TRT responds to 9-1-1 calls involving such things as people trapped in a building collapse or trench cave-in; someone caught in a piece of machinery or confined space; or someone dangling from a rope and in need of a high-angle rescue. The Technical Rescue Team is assigned to Station 4 and Station 13.

Technical Rescue has been involved in memorable life-saving events in Jacksonville. Several have been featured on television shows Without Warning, Real TV and Rescue 911, courtesy of footage shot by the JFRD's Video Services.

In one instance, fire fighters rescued three bridge inspectors dangling from safety belts attached to a bucket 150 feet in the air under the Dames Point bridge. A fourth inspector fell into the St. Johns River when their truck boom collapsed. Despite a dislocated shoulder, he made it to shore with the aid of a life vest. The May 1989 rescue took place only 45 days after the High Angle Rescue Team, as Technical Rescue was called at the time, was formed.

In September 2002, the team rescued three construction workers from an underground sewer line after they were overwhelmed by hydrogen sulfide fumes.

Technical Rescue is part of Special Operations in the Operations Division.