COVID-19...the Coronavirus, represents currently for this reporting period of April 2020 THE single most prevalent topic within the realm of our city's public safety agenda. It is therefore NOT an exercise in redundancy to immediately stress the ongoing narrative of 'social distancing' as being representative of the most essential contribution each and every citizen can offer in order to help to 'flatten the curve' in the war against this insidious pandemic. Together and unified in spirit, we can and we will, weather this insidious and deadly challenge.
In spite of the overwhelming emphasis on all things COVID-19, the JFRD continues to respond to routine emergencies, such as the one occurring on April 21st just before 1:30 AM. Dispatched units were called to a residential structure fire at 1st and 1134 Huron, a boardinghouse, with crews reporting flames through the roof upon first arring on scene. Command would soon be forced to issue a Second Alarm, with a Third Alarm eventually sounded as well after over an hour of exhausting and taxing suppression activity. Firefighters were able to rescue two occupants from the burning residence, with each of these adult victims transported to UF Health in critical condition but, tragically, in the aftermath of the fire being called under control, the body of a resident was found amongst the charred debris. That aforementioned fatality would natrually result in the call for JSO's Homicide Unit to respond to the scene along with the standard summons for the State Fire Marshal, with the Red Cross also brought into the picture to provide assistance for 13 displaced individuals.