Yes, the COVID 19 pandemic is STILL omnipresent (and this will be the last entry to reference THAT circumstance until developments warrant further inclusion, such as the introduction of a working vaccine into the narrative) but the very first part of August brought to our area a 'named' Tropical Storm in the form of "Isaias," thus officially delivering a veridical reminder that our annual Hurricane Season has arrived. Thankfully "Isaias" was merely a challenge to pronounce and not so much of a real disturbance, maintaining a more eastward track along our coast and thus delivering over the weekend of the 1st through 3rd of August a stronger surf with rip currents, elevated winds and several rain squalls but...not much else. Nevertheless, the storm did serve as the cliched 'poignant reminder' that vigilance and awareness should be maintained by everyone during our Hurricane Season, pandemic notwithstanding, and all home readiness/preparedness plans should be in place by now to ensure the maximum level of safety and security should a 'real' storm impact our community.