August of 2021 did not wait too long before delivering a duo of unique, but not quite unusal, incidents for our brave and dedicated firefighters to tackle. At approximately 3 AM Tuesday morning, the third day of this eighth month of 2021, emergency responders were dispatched to the report of a residential structure fire along Brooklyn Road. Although the fire itself proved to be an inferior adversary for our skilled men and women, the incident quickly evolved into a new dimension with the grisly discovery of a deceased adult male, stabbed multiple times, and found by the on scene firefighters in the aftermath of the blaze. The second somewhat unusual (although not unheard of) incident was toned out by Dispatch nearly one hour later, as units responded to yet another house fire that very same morning of August 3rd at 4 AM but this time in the Riverside area, more specifically Powell's Place in the vicinity of St. Johns Avenue. The unique aspect of this incident was not attributable to the large, two story residence that was fully involved upon the arrival of the first units, but rather that this sizeable residential fire would soon demand a Second Alarm assignment in order to be brought completely under control. Thankfully no injuries were reported from the scene with the State Fire Marshal called into action for the requisite investigation.