The festive and typically titled as the 'most wonderful time of the year' month of December began, tragically in 2020, with two horrific traffic accidents on Sunday, 6 December. The first occuring on the Main Street Bridge as one passenger vehicle, for reasons yet unknown, crossed over into the opposite lane with oncoming traffic: the resulting head-on collision leading to two fatalities. Later on in the evening near the intersection of Beach Boulevard and St. John's Bluff, a pick-up truck with only the driver as the occupant lost control and flipped, several times, with the driver pronounced dead at the scene: said driver was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the incident. 
In what might possibly be the greatest Christmas present conceivable, COVID vaccines arrived for the vast majority of JFRD members on Monday, the 28th of December. Although some members of Management and Senior Staff received the very first application just before the actual Christmas holiday, all uniformed and non-uniformed JFRD members could/can begin the vaccination process on Monday the 28th at the Prime Osborn Convention Center: an incredibly uplifting announcement and the first of many steps necessary in order for our Community to begin the process of removing the heavy burden and debilitating impact of this pernicious virus from our daily lives.