With the arrival of a new year, the Jacksonville Fire/Rescue Department can gleefully acknowledge the receipt of an immediate asset in the form of two new Rescue units, more specifically Rescues 25 and 54. A truly welcomed arrival, these two units will significantly enhance the pre-hospital emergency services in their respective territories: for 25 the southwest side of the city and for 54 the most southeastern corridor of Duval County along Phillips Highway.

Friday afternoon, January 16, units responded to the report of a structure fire at 238 West 41st street. Upon arriving, the report was immediately confirmed as a single story, single family residence was fully involved with heavy black smoke coupled with raging flames pouring out of virtually every window. During the promptly performed primary search an elderly woman, wheelchair-bound, was found amidst the encroaching flames on the floor of the kitchen, having apparently attempted to flee the danger by getting out of her wheelchair and crawling away from the turbulent smoke and scorching heat. Carried to safety outside and rapidly transported to Shands by Rescue 2, the woman was soon being treated at the hospital for life-threatening injuries sustained during her horrific ordeal. The fire itself was brought under control in a little over ten minutes, with the investigation into causation revealing the front living room area as the point of origin but without any definitive cause noted. No smoke detectors were found inside the home.