As September arrives, so does the annual commemorative 9-11 ceremony at Fire Station # 1, located at 611 Liberty Street. The event will once again feature a sixty second moment of silence to be observed at every fire station at precisely 10:28 AM, the exact moment when the final building of the World Trade Center (the north tower) collapsed.

On Wednesday morning, September 9th, an inspector with the Fire Prevention Division arrived in his pool car at the North Julia Street headquarters and was greeted by a loud 'meowing' sound upon exiting his vehicle. Unable to locate the feline sound anywhere near the immediate vicinity of his car, the inspector slowly followed the intermittent sound until he was able to trace it directly back to his car: more specifically, underneath the rear of the car just above the axle. There, perched near the wheel-well, lurked a small, frightened kitten peering out anxiously at his 'human chaffeur.' With the assistance of several bystanders and after a lengthy 'stand-off,' the kitten was extracted from the entrappings of the vehicle and, following brief correspondence with a local television station, soon placed in the care of an assignment editor eager to adopt the homeless creature. This proved yet again that stereotypes are simply not applicable, as cat rescues are not just performed for those creatures stuck in trees.