The very first day of December, a Sunday, was immediately accompanied by a tragic event as firefighters responded to a structure fire just after 1:30 PM on Commonwealth Avenue, an incident that would ultimately reveal a fatality in the form of an adult female. Greybeard's Tavern was the scene, with patrons and employees in the bar reporting smoke that was initially believed to be the result of food being prepared. Firefighters arriving on scene were soon on the second floor in one of the building's three rooms, a location where the discovery of the dead female was subsequently made. The investigation by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office was able to rule out foul play.
Friday, 6 December and just before 8 AM, workers about to begin the work-day with 'Advantage Design Group' in the 1800 block of Corporate Square arrive at their job only to discover smoke wafting from underneath the roof and the eaves. Before dispatched units could arrive on scene, the smoke would become thick and black while accompanied by heavy fire bursting through the roof of the single story, well over 4,000 square foot structure. Although first arriving companies attempted an interior attack, the latter was soon abandoned due to the general instability of the roof: the defensive posture subsequently assumed with aerial ladders resulting in an extinguishment within 25 minutes. Although no injuries were reported from the scene, Incident Command's evaluation of the building's condition in the aftermath of the incident resulted in the tragic classification of 'a total loss.'