The month of July 2016 will provide the JFRD with yet another illustrious milestone; more specifically, the arrival of our first new recruit firefighters for the current calendar year. In a ceremony scheduled for 6 PM on Thursday, 21 July at the FSCJ Downtown Auditorium, 37 new recruits from Recruit Class R - 116 will receive their public welcome to the Department in front of family, friends and fellow firefighters. Congratulations and good luck in advance to our new 'rookies.' 
An unusual incident occurred on the 22nd of this month, as Marine 40 - "B" was summoned to a location east of the Mantanzas Inlet - approximately 7 miles offshore! - to extinguish a raging fire aboard a 90 foot tugboat. The call, more specifically originating from the U.S. Coast Guard, came in just after 6 PM with the dispatched 'Jake Godbold' arriving on scene just after 8 PM. The JFRD responders onboard found the distressed vessel heavily involved with flames burning from the engine room forward, but luckily without any of the diesel tanks compromised. Utilizing water from her boat turrets along with appropriate hand lines, the fire was eventually brought under control with the veridical clock time reading 3:30 AM (!). No injuries were reported from the incident and the 300 foot barge still attached to the tug by bridle remained free from fire danger throughout the entirety of the event. Well done to the B-Shift of Marine 40, indeed!