Hello, Elsa! After a wet and soggy, rain drenched Fourth of July holiday weekend, the impending arrival of the first 'named' storm system to impact our community in the new 2021 Hurricane Season was accompanied by relatively 'good news:' Elsa would more than likely be a weakened tropical storm system and her impact would be primarily felt in the western portions of our county upon her arrival on Wednesday, 7 July. The bad news, however, is found in the persistent and repetitive nature of our rainy weather pattern that has been in our general area for days and, with that, a weakened, damp soil that can't handle too much more water, creating ideal conditions for trees to fall far easier when confronted by strong, gusty winds. Elsa delivers the reminder to all that no matter how big or small a system might be, preparations remain a 'must' for all citizens during our annual hurricane season.