Each and every year, the arrival of the month of June is immediately accompanied by the realization that another Hurricane Season is about to begin: although not so much a concern for certain states in our nation, such as perhaps South Dakota, Florida is well aware of the potential power of Mother Nature along with any and all associated ramifications. Therefore, once again, the start of June and the simultaneous start of another storm season is a good reminder for everyone to check their personal level of readiness, with multiple resources available to accomplish the latter such as downloading the Emergency Preparedness Division's 'JAX READY' app, to name but one.
This year of 2021 didn't only mean the start of the previously mentioned Hurricane Season when the month of June arrived, but unfortunately also the arrival of a tragic residential structure fire barely six days into the month. On Sunday, 6 June and just before 5 PM, firefighters responded to the report of a house fire in the 1500 block of Domas Drive. Although it took the responders only minutes to extinguish the fire, the result of the incident was nevertheless agonizing as the elderly male resident, discovered and pulled from the home during the initial primary search by the first responders, was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Initial accounts in the aftermath of the incident indicated that careless smoking in direct proximity of an oxygen mask served as the horrific catalyst for this tragic emergency call.