A potentially fatal, horrific, and senseless act of violence came narrowly close to prematurely ending the career of two of the JFRD's finest on the 8th of October. During a seemingly routine call for service involving the B - Shift crew of Rescue 2, and the subsequent transport of a patient afflicted by abdominal pain, Captain Latorrence Norris was attacked in the back of the rescue unit by the adult male being transported, with the assailant wielding a box cutter to slash and stab at Norris. Although severely wounded from several stab wounds inflicted upon him, Norris continued to valiantly defend himself and was quickly assisted by his riding partner Engineer Vincent Harper who, upon hearing the commotion in the back of the unit, stopped the vehicle and promptly entered into the patient transport area to help Norris in his struggle with the violent patient. Together, the two men were eventually able to overpower their attacker but not before each had sustained injuries to a varying degree of severity, with Norris requiring several days of hospitalization.