Notice: If you are a current contractor, vendor or consultant (JSEB or not), or if you are interested in supplying services or products to the City of Jacksonville in the future, this communication affects you.

The City of Jacksonville is streamlining its administrative and financial processes. A key component of this improvement effort is to update the Procurement system and create a new Supplier Portal. The Supplier Portal will become your primary communication channel to the Procurement and General Accounting Divisions. The Portal uses software from Oracle Corporation through a secure Web-based application. For more information about the supplier portal, please visit the Supplier Portal page.


The mission of the Procurement Division when obtaining supplies and services for our customers internal needs (to include central reproduction and mailroom services), is to support the city’s strategic mission and operational requirements in compliance with applicable city ordinance, rules, and regulations. This can be done by guiding our customers during pre-solicitation, effectively managing the solicitation with attention to detail, accurately conducting analysis for pre-award, and making an equitable award to the most responsive, responsible bidder. The Procurement Division shall support organizational goals and objectives, while being committed to the fair, equitable, and timely acquisition of supplies and services for the City of Jacksonville while embracing the values and guiding principles of public procurement, which are: Accountability, Ethics, Impartiality, Professionalism, Services, and Transparency.

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General Information

Chief of Procurement Division: Dustin L. Freeman

Procurement Division General Number: 904-255-8800

EBO Division General Number: 904-255-8840

Professional Service Evaluation Committee meets every other Thursday at 10 a.m. 

Bid Opening held every Wednesday at 2 p.m.

General Government Awards meets every Thursday at 1 p.m.

Meeting Location:

214 N. Hogan St., Suite 851 (8th Floor)
Boardroom A
Jacksonville, FL 32202

For PSEC Meeting:
Interested persons can also attend the meeting remotely via Teams using the following meeting access information:

By Computer

Join Teams Meeting

For GGAC-CSPEC Meeting:
Interested persons can also attend the meeting remotely via Teams using the following meeting access information:

By Computer

Join Teams Meeting

Surplus Auctions

Bid Information Hot Line:
(904) 255-BIDS

Direct Deposit ACH Form

Dustin L. Freeman, Chief
Procurement Division
214 N. Hogan St., 8th floor
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: (904) 255-8811
Fax: (904) 255-8838