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Photo of an adoptable dog with brown hair

Adopters and Fosters Needed Now

Listen up, Jacksonville. We need to have an open and honest dialogue regarding the current state of animal welfare in our community. Every one of our dog kennels are full. 50 of those kennels are housing two dogs instead of one. Adoptions have slowed. Fostering has slowed. Transports of animals out of state have all but stopped. Rescues are stretched beyond their capacity. Lost and found warriors are working tirelessly to reunite lost pets with their families. We need our community to help us avoid having to make very difficult decisions.
If you want Animal Care and Protective Services and our community to remain a leader in lifesaving, we need your help. Now. We cannot do this without you.

Every one of these pets deserve a second chance. They are no less loving or deserving simply because circumstance led them to be in our shelter. They deserve to have a loving home and a comfortable place to rest. They deserve to lay in the sunshine and enjoy the peace and quiet that can be only be found outside of an animal shelter. They deserve belly rubs, and butt scratches, and ear rubs. They deserve more than what circumstance is currently giving them. Our staff and volunteers are giving everything they can to fill that gap of time between homeless and home. The shelter cannot be their home and we cannot do this alone. We need you. You are that someone that can save the life of a shelter pet and be their home.

Please choose to adopt, foster, or volunteer. Look at their faces and read what those that love them have to say about them. These are just a few of the 350 dogs with unique and individual personalities waiting for a hero. Together, we can make a difference. You can be the difference between their story beginning at a shelter instead of ending at one. Shelters across the country are in crisis. Adopt like their lives depend on it.

Adoptions are free for all dogs. Reclaims are also free for all pets that are reunited with their owner spayed/neutered. (*$20 city license fee may apply). Our adoption center is located at 2020 Forest Street and is open 7 days a week. If it is busy, please be patient. Busy means we have lots of animal loving lifesavers coming to help and our staff is working as quickly as possible to make happy matches possible. View all adoptable pets online at coj.net/adopt. We can’t wait to see you at Animal Care & Protective Services!