Use This Time Schedule, Checklist and Planning Kit
As Soon As Possible

  • Call Clean it Up, Green It Up at (904) 255-8276 or (904) 255-8250 for planning assistance and support materials.
  • Talk with your neighbors and businesses to create an interest, define the area to be cleaned and seek participation. Choose site captains to coordinate event and assign specific responsibilities.
At Least 2 Weeks Before Your Planned Cleanup Date
  • Pick a spot and write down the location of appliances, tires and yard waste to prepare for the special disposal and separate curbside placement needs of these items.
  • Set a date and time for the clean it up. Call our office as soon as you decide the location, date and time of the cleanup event. We will need the name, address and phone number of the organization, person calling and the planned location of collected materials.
  • Distribute flyers to advertise the event, solicit volunteers and inform interested parties about the time, date and location of the meeting place. Be sure to include a contact person, phone number.
  • If the collected trash cannot be disposed of through your regular scheduled garbage pick-up, call Clean It Up, Green It Up at (904) 255-8276 or (904) 255-8250 to pre-arrange special waste hauling. At least one week prior to your clean-up, please call us with the address for pick-up. We cannot order trash pick-up services without that information.
  • Notify churches, youth groups, civic organizations, schools and local businesses to ask for their support and participation.
  • Ask local businesses to participate by providing permission to use their dumpster for disposal, display an event flyer in a prominent place, donate refreshments or other items and encourage employees to volunteer.
One Week to Two Days Before
  • Pick up support materials such as bags, gloves and safety vests from Clean It Up, Green It Up.
  • Assign responsibilities and delegate tasks to volunteers.
Cleanup Day and After You Finish
  • Have fun and enjoy the satisfaction of improving your community. Consider taking before and after photos to send to the Neighborhood Services Offices at
  • Take sign-in sheets and a pen or pencil to record the names of volunteers and to check volunteers in and out.
  • Remember to encourage safe cleanup practices.
  • Remind volunteers to bring water if it can’t be provided.
  • Please remember to return items borrowed from Clean It Up, Green It Up. Call our office at (904) 255-8276 or (904) 255-8250 or email us at and provide results to Clean It Up, Green It Up. We need to know the number of volunteers, hours worked, how many tires and bags of litter were collected.