The Environmental Quality Division's (EQD) Enforcement Activity provides enforcement support for EQD's environmental programs - directing and coordinating the enforcement actions, as well as negotiating settlement agreements. The Enforcement Activity enforces ordinances that have been adopted by the City Council, Title X – Environmental Affairs, Ordinance Code, and rules that have been adopted by the Jacksonville Environmental Protection Board (JEPB).  In addition, the Enforcement Activity oversees and participates in the development and implementation of all JEPB rules.

An Enforcement Status Report is compiled each month and is presented at the monthly JEPB Committee meetings. 

EQD's Enforcement Activity also assists the JEPB Administrator and the EQD Chief in researching proposed federal, state, and local environmental legislation for  EQD comment as well as assists in preparation of local environmental regulations for introduction at City Council.  They further provide research assistance to the EQD Chief regarding legislative efforts with the Mayor's Office, the Duval County Delegation, other state and local agencies and associations such as the Florida Association of Counties (FAC), the Florida League of Cities (FLC) and the Florida Local Environmental Resource Agencies (FLERA) to ensure that the City’s environmental interests and concerns are represented in the Florida Legislature.