The Environmental Protection Board has been given authority to promulgate and adopt local environmental rules pursuant to Chapter 360.108, Municipal Ordinance Code. The rules are adopted from state and federal regulations or based upon studies and best management practices. All rules are presented at a public hearing with participation of affected parties or industries. 

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EPB Rule 1 (PDF 5.5 KB/ 28 pg)
This rule relates to organization procedure and practice of the Environmental Protection Board.

EPB Rule 2 (PDF 8.5 KB/ 36 pg)
This rule relates to air pollution control.

EPB Rule 3 (PDF 20.3 KB/ 45 pg)
This rule relates to water pollution.

EPB Rule 4 (PDF 8 KB / 27 pg)
This rule relates to noise pollution control.

Standard Land Use Coding Manual (SLUCM)

EPB Rule 5 (PDF - 1 pg)  REPEALED
This rule related to the control of TRS and VOC emissions from crude sulfate turpentine processing facilities.

EPB Rule 6 (PDF 11 KB / 6 pg)
This rule relates to mobile sources.

EPB Rule 7 (PDF 1.2 KB /24 pg)
This rule relates to hazardous materials.

EPB Rule 8 (PDF 1.9 KB / 34 pg)
This rule relates to groundwater resource management.