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Climate Change Event

Climate Change and National Security in Northeastern Florida

August 24, 2021
10:00 am
Join Lieutenant General John Castellaw USMC (Ret.) and local leaders for a discussion on climate change, national security, and resilience.

On August 24th, please join the American Security Project and the Northeast Florida Regional Planning Council in Jacksonville, Florida for a panel discussion with Lieutenant General John Castellaw USMC (Ret.), and City of Jacksonville Council Members Randy DeFoor and Aaron Bowman on progress made in Jacksonville on resilience, what the future holds, and why combating climate change in the greater Jacksonville area is imperative for America’s national security. 

As the home of two major Naval installations, a Coast Guard sector headquarters, a Marine Corps logistics facility, and a major national guard base, Jacksonville has an outsized impact on America’s national security. Rising sea levels, more frequent and powerful hurricanes, and increasing temperatures in Florida, however, all threaten training and readiness. Efforts by the City of Jacksonville and local bases are key, both for the local community and Americans who depend on forces stationed in Northeast Florida.