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Reb Louise Law Exhibition Photo

Rebecca Louise Law: The Journey

July 30 - January 09, 2022
During Museum Hours
British artist Rebecca Louise Law has designed and created a site-specific installation using both dried and fresh plant materials to form an immersive visitor experience that explores the relationship between humanity and nature. 
A proponent of sustainability, Law has also repurposed flowers that were previously used in her other installations from around the  world. In her own words, "I want  this installation to be a physical and participatory experience. After exploring the intimacy of the womb and the sensation of being consumed and cocooned in nature I would like to explore the momentum of life. From the second  we are formed in cells we are moving and changing, within a world that is also evolving. The motion of walking through nature and witnessing it's many forms from life to death. This rhythmic cycle that we are all participants of, fascinates me. This installation will be a short journey through nature, with its many forms and scents, stimulating the senses to the extreme."

The JEPB is one of the sponsors of this exhibition.