'When you drink the water, remember the spring.'
-Chinese Proverb

Ground water is a sustainable natural and economic resource to the citizens of Northeast Florida. Therefore, the City of Jacksonville is taking a proactive approach to protecting our valuable drinking water and ground water resources through the establishment of a Wellhead Protection Program (WHPP). The Program's primary focus is to reduce the risk of ground water contamination within the immediate vicinity of public drinking water supply wells.

This program is described in Chapter 366.601 and the following sections of the City Ordinance Code. It has not been fully implemented but will impact those commercial property owners or lessee located within an approximate 750 feet radius of a regulated public water supply well. Home owners having a Floridan Aquifer well within the regulated area are also impacted by some of its requirements. Permit, review or exemption fees will be required for five different categories of persons that are located within the approximately 200 areas covered by this program. The program primarily impacts those using regulated substances defined by the program.

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