General Requirements
The City of Jacksonville's Wellhead Protection Area requirements are defined in Chapter 366.401-409 of the City Ordinance Code. The objective of the Wellhead Protection Program is to protect and reduce the risk of contamination to the city's public water supply wells. Under the Ordinance, the following general requirements have been set forth within Wellhead Protection Areas (WHPA):
WHPAs are defined by a 750-foot radius around Community and some non-transient, non-community public potable water supply wells.
All Floridan Aquifer wells within a WHPA must be registered with the City. [Chapter 366.409 (a) of the City Ordinance Code].

By October 25, 2005, all Floridan Aquifer wells, regardless of use, are required to have an approved backflow prevention device and a sanitary seal on the wellhead. Additionally, Floridan Aquifer wells must have a 5-foot square concrete pad around the well casing (at least 3 inches thick). Floridan Aquifer Wells shall be drilled, maintained, and repaired according to the standards of the Environmental Protection Board and Rule Chapters 62-532 and 40C-3, Florida Administrative Code.

By October 25, 2009, the city's Environmental Quality Division (EQD) shall inspect all Floridan and Hawthorn private wells within WHPA's. Following the initial inspection, each well will be re-inspected by EQD once every 10 years thereafter.

The EQD shall notify the owner of any well that is not found to be incompliance with the requirements of Section 366.407 of the ordinance of the violation. Any private well not properly constructed or maintained to reasonably prevent the downward migration of contamination from the shallow aquifer to the Floridan Aquifer shall be either abandoned, repaired or replaced. The cost of abandonment, repair, or replacement shall be the responsibility of the well owner and/or the owner of the property on which the well is located. All private faulty wells found to be out of compliance shall have ninety (90)-days to either perform those repairs necessary to bring the private well into compliance with Section 366.407 or to properly abandon the well pursuant to the appropriate standards and procedures. Within the area designated by the 500-foot radius around community and some non-transient, non-community public potable water supply wells the protection measures described in 62-521.400 are applicable.