The goal of the city's Wellhead Protection Program is to protect the area of ground water recharge around major public water supply wells from potential sources of contamination. The established protection zones provide a buffer against the uncontrolled or accidental release of hazardous substances, which could impact the corresponding public water supply well. WHPAs represent the area of greatest risk associated with each public water supply well. As such, these are the areas in which the City shall concentrate its' regulatory efforts.

Each WHPA consists of a 750-foot radius around the protected public supply well. Within the approximately 40.6 acre WHPA, the mapping and evaluation of private wells and contamination sites mandated by the ordinance will be conducted by the city. Within 500 feet of the public supply well, commercial property is impacted by the requirements of Rule 62-521.400 of the Florida Administrative Code that includes specific land use restrictions.

Each WHPA must be formally approved by the city's Environmental Protection Board (EPB) through a public hearing process. The EPB shall adopt each WHPA map by rule in public hearing. WHPA maps can be requested in writing or in person from the Environmental Quality Division.