Warning !! These statistics are derived from several State and local databases. There may be 10-15% overlap in some categories, preventing the numbers from adding up exactly.

Statewide, there have been over 23,000 petroleum releases to the environment, referred to as 'discharges'. The petroleum cleanup program, funded by the Florida Inland Protection Trust Fund via a tax on imported petroleum was formulated in the mid 1980s as a 30-year program to complete statewide cleanup of these discharges.

Since 1991, the Air & Water Quality Division has been the program management contractor for sites in Duval County. The State pays the entire cost of City oversight of the private consultants and contractors performing the cleanup.

The State inventory lists 1500± total contamination sites with ~2000 discharges, in Duval County. Of these, approximately 500 have been cleaned up. The ~ 650 sites currently undergoing cleanup in Duval County is the highest number of sites of any Florida county.

However, not all sites are eligible for State cleanup funding. Those which are not eligible are called non-program sites and cleanup is at owner expense.

The following scorecard applies to the Jacksonville sites which are eligible for State funding (so called program sites): 285 discharges are now 'clean' (have received site rehabilitation completion orders) 1 site is clean enough for approval for no further action with conditions limiting soil disturbance, land use and groundwater use 591 sites are in some phase of State-funded assessment, design, construction, operation, or post-cleanup monitoring 469 more sites are eligible for State funding, but due to low ranking, or due to owner not having designated a contractor, work is not underway.

An as-yet undetermined number of sites which have not reached final cleanup standards yet, but which are sufficiently clean enough for 'natural attenuation' to complete the cleanup (within 5 years), may move to a monitoring only or NFA with conditions status later this year.

The following scorecard applies to Jacksonville non-program sites, those which are mandatory to be cleaned up at owner expense, not from the Inland Protection Trust Fund: 505± discharges 211 cleanups completed 294± remain to be cleaned up; 92 of those are in progress.

Cleanup has been completed at 497 discharges (total of 285 program and 211 non-program discharges).

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