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Mosquito Control sprays insecticide with low-flying aircraft over rural and residential areas of Duval County. Missions are typically flown during dusk or dawn. Spraying is necessary to control biting adult mosquitoes, which pose a potential public health threat by spreading West Nile virus. For more information on Naled, the active ingredient in the adulticide utilized by JMCD in aerial spray applications, please reference the EPA's website.

Planned Aerial Spraying

Mosquito Control typically schedules aerial spray missions for the morning hours, but evening flights may be conducted. Flights may be rescheduled based on weather conditions. Select the area to learn more about planned aerial spray flights scheduled. Please remember that all flights are weather permitting. Check this site daily for updates.

Proposed aerial treatment for 10/10/2019 in the early morning; weather permiting.  In case of inclement weather, a backup time for the morning of 10/14/2019 is also proposed.

Proposed Aerial Treatment
Text Description: An area defined on the east by the I-295, and the terminal approach to Herlong airport on the west.  The north boundary is Wilson blvd and the southern border is McGirts Creek just south of Morse ave.

A second aerial treatment is also proposed for Tuesday 10/15/2019 also early in the morning.
Second proposed treatment area
Text Description: This area stretches along Lannie road from Lem Turner road until it's end, and including residential areas as well as the correctional facility, while excluding a turf farm.

Planned Neighborhood Spraying

Mosquito Control typically sprays areas in Jacksonville between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Starting mid-April, crews will be dispatched around Jacksonville to fog for adult-biting mosquitoes. We typically do not list the areas we are planning to fog by truck, but check out our Ground Fogging page to see if we have sprayed your neighborhood recently.

Where We Have Treated

Visit the Where We Have Treated page to see where we have been working to control mosquitoes with our aerial program. Check out Ground Fogging page to see what neighborhoods our fog trucks were spraying. You can also refer to your CARE number to check the status of your request using the 630-CITY online form.

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