The 22nd Annual Sherrif's Watch Safety Fair
August 3, 2019

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office along with the Zone 3 Sheriff's Watch Advisors hosted this free event. The Blight Initiative was one of several health and public safety agencies to exhibit at the event. Event highlights included electronic fingerprints for kids, seeing JSO vehicles used in the field, and the opportunity learn more about Fighting Blight. Booth staff educated safety conscious citizens about improving neighborhood health and happiness by reporting illegal dumping, abandoned and unkept homes, overgrown grass, and litter and trash in right-of-ways.

Game On! Parks and Recreation Day
July 20, 2019

This event took place at Kennedy Park and and featured a multitude of family-friendly activities including a basketball tournament, family kickball, cornhole, and giant connect four. The Blight Iniatiative was there to educate families about how to keep their communities healthy and blight-free. The prize wheel drew plenty of attention and ensured our booth was busy from start to finish.

blight booth at the mayor's youth at work partnership eventMayor's Youth at Work Partnership Event 2019
July 19, 2019

This event featured panel discussions from industry experts about entering the workforce and how to establish a successful career. Geared toward young adults participating the Mayor's Youth at Work Program, this event was a terrific opportunity to further educate attendees about the Blight Initiative. This group of motivated teens are the same audience we want to reach for participation in blight reduction measures.

Reclaimed: Life Beyond
July 3, 2019

This event at the Main Library was the opening event for an art installation of pieces made using reclaimed materials such as water bottles, tissue paper, paper clips, yarn, and a multitude of other household items. The Blight Initative was able to educate citizens on counteracting blight in their community through proactive means, including organizing clean-up events and reporting blight using the MyJax app or by calling 630-CITY. 

Palmetto Glen
June 27, 2019

This event took place at the Moncrief Community Center and was geared towards area teens. Attendees enjoyed playing Blight Trivia and spinning the wheel for prizes. We were able to educate both parents and children on the importance of taking care of their community by reporting blight using the MyJax app.

Annual Jacksonville Environmental Luncheon
June 20, 2019

This event allowed the Blight Initiative to network with local groups and organizations whose missions align with the City's efforts to improve neighborhood health and safety. The groundwork was laid to partner with these parties in the future for educational and clean-up events.

young adults from the groundworks team​Green Team Youth Corps/ Groundworks

June 12-13, 2019
This was an amazing event. The Blight Initiative was on hand to educate the community about blight and instruct them on how to download the MyJax app to report problems to the city of Jacksonville. Attendees were very engaged and participated in all activities. The Groundworks team consists of middle and high school students,and the 2019 Green Team Youth Corps consists of individuals using their summer to improve Jacksonville with beautification projects such as picking up trash or trimming overgrown trees. This group of young adults is already Fighting Blight!

booth employees at the family health and fitness day waving at the cameraFamily Health & Fitness Day

June 8, 2019
This was an extremely popular event among area families with young children and took place at four different locations. The Fight Blight Initiative was present at Lonnie Miller park, the main location with the most vendors and scheduled events. The booth saw a steady stream of traffic and more than 100 individuals stopped by to learn more about how they can Fight Blight in or around their neighborhoods. There was also a lot of interest expressed in scheduling educational presentations featuring the JaxCan Mascot at different businesses, educational institutions, and events around town.

Fight Blight Booth at Panama Park eventPanama Park

May 18, 2019
This event was well attended. The Blight Initiative teamed with the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department, local businesses, and churches to celebrate Panama Park’s fourth annual COME TOGETHER community event. In attendence were families with children and single adults interested in safety and cleaning up their communities. The Blight team assisted and educated citizens on the MyJax app.

Stripes skunk mascot and Jax Can trash can mascot in crowd photos
Palm Avenue/ Team-Up

May 16, 2019
This  event was geared toward Jacksonville youth. Fight Blight was there to educate attendees about how they can help Fight Blight by using the MyJax app to report issues in their neighborhood. Both faculty and students were excited to learn about on the importance of keeping Jacksonville clean.

St Vincent Medical Mission Fight Blight photos with Jax Can mascotSt. Vincent Medical Mission

April 27, 2019
This event was attended open to families, individuals, children in underserved communities. At the Medical Mission at Home event, St. Vincent Hospital staff and volunteers provided free medical care to those with limited access. This is an annual community health event that gives low-income and uninsured populations access to much needed health and community services. The Blight Initiatives, along with outher City departments, attended to educate citizens about the tools and resources available to improve not only personal health, but the health of their communities.

Jacksonville Human Rights Commission

April 27, 2019 Fight Blightr Booth at Jacksonville Human Rights Commission Event
The Human Rights Commission promotes equal opportunity for all, and strives to build better, stronger and more inclusive neighborhoods. This event had knowledgable experts and speakers who presented both in person and via skype. Attendees were dedicated to understanding how the Fair Housing Act impacts Jacksonville's citizens. Fight Blight Director E. Denise Lee was there to educate attendees about communities that need help and assistance. The Blight Initiative booth staff assisted citizens in downloading and operating the MyJax app to report problems as well as find out information about trash pickup.

DCPS Green Champions

April 24, 2019 DCPS Green Champions - Photo of Jax Can trashcan mascot at event
DCPS Green Champions is a network of teachers, students, principals, assistant principals, maintenance workers, and school staff interested in conserving energy, recycling, improving water and ground quality, and sustainability. The teachers promote recycling, energy/water conservation, and green culture at their schools. Activities frequently include campus and community clean ups with their green teams who have partnered with the Blight Initiative. The Fight Blight team assisted and educated attendees on the MyJax app and how we can all work together to keep Jacksonville beautiful.

FNF_Black-Knight_FIS-Campus-in-RiversideFNF/Black Knight/FIS Campus in Riverside - Earth Day Fair

April 22, 2019
The blight booth received heavy foot traffic from individuals, colleagues, managers, supervisors and staff members. Attendees enjoyed a variety of vendors that were there to demonstrate their support for environmental protection. The Fight Blight team was there to educate the citizens on blight initiatives and the use of the MyJax app. 

mayport-earth-day-web-picThe Naval Station Mayport Youth Activity Center Earth Day

April 22, 2019
This event held at Mayport Station was an awesome opportunity for the Fight Blight team to educate children, staff and parents about the Fight Blight initiative and MyJax app. We assisted attendees with downloading and using the app to report issues in their community, as well as find out information about trash pickup in their area.

Sheriffs Watch Fatey zone 5&6 20192019 Sheriffs Watch Safety Fair Zones 5 & 6

April 20, 2019
Local law enforcement, health, and public safety agencies had a wide variety of exhibits, displays and interactive demonstrations set up at the Safety Fair. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, health and public safety agencies, and the Blight Initiative interacted with the citizens to educate them about community programs and personal safety. The blight booth educated citizens on the definition of neighborhood blight and the MyJax mobile app.

fight blight booth and stripes d. skunk mascot at the world of nations eventWorld of Nations

February 23 - 24, 2019
World of Nations 2019 was held on February 23-24th. This annual international festival at Metropolitan Park is North Florida's largest multicultural festival, and features exhibitions and events from a variety of countries. This event has been around since 1993. The celebration also includes the "World of Kids Playland," which features arts and crafts and other programs for children. The Mayor's Fight Blight Initiative educated and disseminated information to citizens about neighborhood blight and the MyJax app, providing the public with readily available resources to become actively engaged in combatting blight in Duval County. Many children participated in the spin wheel while their parents interacted with the Blight Initiative Team.

fight blight booth at the aquafest eventMOSH Aquafest

February 2, 2019
The City of Jacksonville Environmental Protection Board, St. Johns Riverkeeper, Florida Fish & Wildlife, and the Fight Blight Initiative explored the ways we can safeguard our water, and the animals, plants and people that call the St. Johns River home. Attendees enjoyed special guest speakers, River Tours with the St. Johns Riverkeeper, and guided tours of the JEA Hydrologic Exhibit and Hixon Native Plant Courtyard at MOSH. The Fight Blight Initiative educated citizens on how to identify and report blight, quizzed them with trivia questions, and gave them an opportunity to spin the prize wheel.

downloadBarbers and Books

January 26, 2019
This was an amazing event that targeted children and their parents. Kids Hope Alliance teamed up with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida and the City's Fight Blight Initiative to educate citizens, both young and old, on the importance of keeping their community clean, as well as imparting the message that reading is fundamental. Attendees enjoyed a fresh haircut, fresh books and fresh knowledge on how to fight blight. 


man and woman with paper bags full of collard greens3rd Annual Collard Green Fall Festival

November 17, 2018
This festival offered families the chance to pick fresh fruits and vegetables, addressing the issue of food disparities in our communities. Some of the featured activities at this event included celebrity chefs cooking up their best dishes using collard greens, a family fun zone with bounce house, face painting and games, and the Fight Blight booth where attendees could spin the prize wheel to win fun promotional items. An extra special prize was awarded to anyone who mentioned that they use MyJax App or took the opportunity to download it on-site. More than 267 Jacksonville residents visited the booth to learn more about how they could help Fight Blight in their neighborhoods.

photos of fight blight booth from envirofest 2018Envirofest

October 6
, 2018 
This great event held at the Cummer Museum brought out more than 2,000 citizens interested in understanding our shared natural environment in and around the neighborhoods of Jacksonville. The Fight Blight team was on hand to educate the citizens about the Fight Blight initiative and MyJax app. Along with yoga, plein-air artists, live music, and eco-friendly art projects, representatives from various environmental agencies, governmental and private, gave of their time to make this event a success.

fight blight booth at the EPB Environmental SymposiumEPB - UNF Environmental Symposium

September 14, 2018 
This event was hosted by the city's Environmental Protection Board. This year's theme was "Investment, Innovation And Action - Leading The Way To A Sustainable Future." University students and interested residents from all across Jacksonville attended to learn more about health and safety, sustainability, and air, water and ground quality. Fight Blight was on hand to inform attendees about upcoming neighborhood clean-up events, as well as how to download and utilize the MyJax App to report blight in their neighborhoods.