Don't Trash Jacksonville logoWhile all city divisions play a role in keeping Jacksonville clean and litter-free, several offer special services.

  • To report litter or a trash pick-up problem, use our online system or call 630-CITY (630-2489).
  • To learn more about the rules and requirements regulating trash, litter and dumping in Jacksonville, visit the Solid Waste Division.
  • To learn how Jacksonville citizens can and do work together to keep our city beautiful, check out Clean It Up, Green It Up.

A child helps with litter clean up.How Can You Help

  • Think prevention. Encourage and join others to clean up litter once it happens.
  • Volunteer for cleanup events. Call Clean It Up, Green It Up at 255-8276 for details.
  • To report uncollected trash or for waste related questions, call 630-CITY (2489) or visit

Don't Trash Jacksonville Kids Pages

Don't Trash Jacksonville logoIn 2003, our Don't Trash Jacksonville campaign focused on the city's youth. A special website for kids, complete with games and downloadable material, was developed to make learning about litter fun. Visit our Kids Pages.

Rules for Residential Pickup

  • Household garbage must be placed curbside by 6 a.m. on pickup day, within 5 feet of the street.
  • All garbage must be in sturdy, sealed containers and separated from yard waste, recyclables and appliances.

Don't Trash Jacksonville Campaign

The Spots

  • Trash Day Blues and Alarm Clock put a little glamour in garbage collection. A crew of singing garbagemen belt out the blues and lay down the law, so to speak, about putting out your garbage in time for morning pickup. And these garbagemen are the real deal – they're employees from the city's Solid Waste Division and really do clean up our town.
  • Unsecured Cargo takes us on the highway, a place where trash simply doesn't belong. Ever dodged a ladder or some other object at high speed? The spot features a whimsical mother who, while carpooling with children, has to steer clear of debris that fell off a truck and becomes obstacles on the highway.
  • Let's Clean Up The Place — A family realizes that the Super Bowl means 'company's coming,' so they leave their living room and step into the city. Mom vacuums a public area, the daughter washes windows on a skyscraper, dad paints a building and the son plucks trash from a sidewalk.

Singing GarbagemenThe 2005 Don't Trash Jacksonville television and radio pitch offered a humorous look at a serious problem. Its mission was to create awareness about litter, help people understand how litter happens and suggest how to prevent the problem. You can download video spots now by clicking here.