young boy picking up trash in the park with other volunteersCan you believe some people think its O.K. to litter when there's already trash on the ground?

You can make a difference. Round up an adult and a bunch of your friends, pick a place and plan your OWN cleanup! Call 630-3420 or visit the Clean It Up page.

Remember: volunteers under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

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You and your family and friends can also help out during one of the planned cleanups listed below.

  • Beaches Cleanup (July): Contact Clean It Up, Green It Up (904) 630-3420.

  • Florida Coastal Cleanup / International Coastal Cleanup (September): Join thousands of volunteers in this worldwide effort to clean up litter and debris on roadsides, coastal areas, lakes and rivers. Check out the Ocean Conservancy Website for more information on worldwide efforts or contact Clean It Up, Green It Up at (904) 630-3420.

  • Adopt-A-Road Program (Ongoing): The Adopt-A-Road Program encourages business, industry, civic, youth and nonprofit organizations to adopt an area of roadway for monthly litter control. Contact Clean It Up, Green It Up (904) 630-3420.

  • St. Johns River Celebration (March): Contact Clean It Up, Green It Up (904) 630-3420.

  • Great American / Great Florida Cleanup  (March, April and May): Contact Clean It Up, Green It Up (904) 630-3420.

For information about these and other volunteer opportunities or how to organize your own cleanup visit Clean It Up, Green It Up or email us at