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Cartoon character EnriqueYou know, litter just doesn't appear.

It comes from folks who don't get the picture that trashing our city is just WRONG.

Is there anything you can do? Knowing more about litter and where it comes from is a good place to start. So get with the program and surf our Kids Pages site. Kids Pages has video, games and cool tips on how you can help keep Jax a cool place to live.horizontal rule

Check it out on Kids Pages!
Did you know there are seven main ways our town can get trashed?

Little green splatCurbside trash in the wrong containers.

Little Orange SplatDumpsters used by businesses.

Little pink splatLoading docks.

Little green splatConstruction and demolition sites.

Little Orange SplatTrucks with uncovered loads.

Little pink splatPedestrians and beachgoers.

Little green splatMotorists and boaters.

Litter is blown by wind and traffic or carried by water until it is trapped by a curb, building or fence.

And once litter stacks up - some geeks go and add more!

Man... Trash is annoying... Don't Trash Jacksonville!


Cool Tips courtesy:
Clean It Up, Green It Up and Keep America Beautiful, Inc.