Ages: Kindergarten through Third Grade

Free Education Project:  DVD, Coloring Books and Teaching Aids

The “Don’t Trash Jacksonville” educational package is available free for teachers of kindergarten through third grade students.

The project incorporates real and animated characters from past public service announcements, a DVD, coordinating coloring books and a post card for feedback and to order coloring books for the next school year.

Teachers can get fact sheets and games by visiting our website at, search “kids pages.” The material can be used to foster awareness of littering and environmental impacts to our community. The related fact sheet provides information that can be easily adapted to support basic math, writing or learning objectives.

The project is sponsored by the Keep Jacksonville Beautiful Commission and supports the ongoing “Don’t Trash Jacksonville” campaign. The package with requested number of coloring books will be provided at no charge to teachers. We ask that feedback be submitted on the post cards provided in the package or e-mail

The “Don’t Trash Jacksonville” educational package is available by e-mailing or calling 630-3420. Your package and coloring books will be delivered at your school or mailed to your school address. (while supplies last)