The Disability Access Violation and Enforcement Program

The Disability Access Violation and Enforcement (DAVE) program is intended to provide local property owners guidance and education about Florida Building Code statutes pertaining to the Americans with Disabilities Act. In addition, the program will assist parking enforcement efforts to properly patrol and enforce already defined disabled parking spaces that do not meet the Florida Building Code. The DAVE program is comprised of persons with and without disabilities who volunteer their time to monitor local disabled parking spaces when a citizen complaint is received. Members of the program must have graduated and received certification for the Disabled Parking Enforcement Program by FDLE prior to participating.

The fine for failing to properly mark, provide appropriate signage, or properly designate a disabled parking space is $250 per offense.
Signs erected after 1996 are required by the Florida Building Code per state statute 553.5041(6) must meet the following criteria:
  • The space must be posted with a permanent above-grade sign of a color and design approved by the Department of Transportation, which is placed at least 60 inches above the finished floor or ground surface measured to the bottom of the sign which bears the international symbol of accessibility meeting the requirements of s. 703.7.2.1 of the standards and the caption “PARKING BY DISABLED PARKING PERMIT ONLY.”
  • Such a sign must indicate the penalty for illegal use of the space
For more information, please review the resources below:

FSS 553.5041
ADA Parking Lots

For more information about the Title III Program contact:

Kevin McDaniel
Disabled Services Division
Phone: (904) 630-4980
TTY: (904) 630-4933