Jacksonville Baldwin Rail Trail Construction Project Update

March 03, 2022  
A man riding his bicycle along a paved path with trees

Here is an update to the Rail Trail construction project. Signage has been relocated to the next section of the trail, Otis road to the JEA Access Road. Once the Hannah Road to Halsema Road section is complete, that section will be opened and the Otis Road to JEA Access Road section will be closed in conjunction with the currently closed section between Halsema Road and Otis Road, per Nathan Pearson, Assistant Project Administrator, VIA Consulting Services, Inc.

The initial communication for this project was introduced March 18th which read "The section between Otis Road and Hanna Road will be closed for the next 4-6 weeks for repairs. Signs are posted at trailheads. This project is projected to be complete by the end spring 2022".