Building Inspection Division COVID-19 Information Page


The health and safety of Jacksonville citizens is of our utmost concern. For the well-being of the City of Jacksonville and to best meet the needs of our customers, our normal operations have changed.  Understanding these changes will directly affect many of our customers and their businesses, they were not made lightly or in haste.
The changes to our operations, outlined below, will be updated depending on the needs of the community in these unprecedented times. Please check back regularly for the most up to date information.
Also, see the City of Jacksonville COVID-19 Information Webpage at this web address:

Lobby Hours

While we are still available online, by email, and by phone, our lobbies are closed to walk in service until further notice.


The Building Inspection Division will be suspending inspections at occupied residential dwellings/structures if the inspection requires the inspector to enter the residence. Required inspections will still need to be performed, but will be postponed until further notice.

Permit Submissions

With our lobby closed, we will not be accepting hardcopy submissions at this time. Instead, we strongly encourage our customers to utilize the electronic plan submittal process at this time. We are here to help you through this process if it is new to you. Please see more information on our Electronic Plan Submittal page at Please contact Ricky Smith ( or Sandy Rosenblatt ( for more assistance.

For questions regarding the submission of Electrical, Mechanical, or Plumbing permits please reach out to the trade supervisors.
Douglas, James         Electrical Inspection Supervisor               (904) 255-8567
Shiferdek, Clif            Electrical Inspection Asst Supervisor       (904) 255-8565
Weeks, Ricky             Mechanical Inspection Supervisor           (904) 255-8566
Grundy, Rafeal           Mechanical Inspection Asst Supervisor   (904) 255-8568
Robbins, Mike            Plumbing Inspection Supervisor               (904) 255-8546
Skelton, John             Plumbing Inspection Asst Supervisor       (904) 255-8564

For questions regarding the submission of Roofing, Siding/Stucco Repair, and Window/Door Replacement permits please reach out to the building inspection supervisors.
Smith, Milton               Building Inspections Supervisor                (904) 255-8539
Pietschker, Erik           Building Inspections Asst Supervisor        (904) 255-8526
Kilgour, Matthew         Building Inspections Asst Supervisor        (904) 255-8505
Turner, Richard           Building Inspections Asst Supervisor        (904) 255-7874

Site Work and Mobile Home permits can be submitted for review by email. All documents must be submitted in a PDF format in a single email and sent to Include the permit type in the Subject line of the email (i.e., “Site Work Permit Submission”). Permits will be reviewed in the order they are submitted. Sign Permits can also submitted for review by email. Please email these documents in the same fashion to Saul Stein at 

Property owners acting as their own contractors will not be able to submit for permitting until further notice.

Approved Submissions

To pick up hard copy submissions that are ‘approved-pending payment’ or ‘returned for corrections’, please contact Ricky Smith ( or Sandy Rosenblatt ( to schedule a time for pick up at the Ed Ball Building. Please keep in mind that all fees must be paid online and cannot be paid in person with the Tax Collector’s office closed.


Revisions and corrections to building permits previously submitted as hardcopies will have to be resubmitted electronically.  Please start by reaching out to your plans examiner or to the Plans Examiner Supervisor, Sandy Rosenblatt at

Contacting our Office

Like many offices and business, we have staff working remotely at this time. Since they are away from their desk phones, please use email to contact our office staff. Contact information for our full staff is available on our Contact Us page at
For general questions, call us at 904-630-1100 or our Information Kiosk at 904-255-7095.

Development Services

The Development Services lobby is closed for walk in service. For more information see their webpage at

Tax Collector

The Tax Collector’s lobby is closed for walk in service as well. For Building Inspection Division items, call 904-630-2131.  Please see their webpage for more information:

Notice of Commencement

Please see the Duval Clerk of the Courts webpage for information on how to record a Notice of Commencement (NOC):