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NEW SYSTEM Permit and Escrow forms

(You can also apply for permits online)

All forms must be printed legal size,reduced size copies will not be accepted. All two page forms must be copied to one page (front and back).

1. Building Permit Form Fillable (PDF 244 kb)
2. Electrical Permit Form Fillable (PDF 206 kb)
3. Mechanical Permit Form Fillable (PDF 193 kb)
4. Mobile Home Permit Form Fillable (PDF 126 kb)
5. Plumbing Permit Form Fillable (PDF 182 kb)
6. Roofing Permit Form Fillable (PDF 167 kb)
7. Site Work Form (PDF 125 kb)
8. Sign Permit Form Fillable (PDF 184 kb)
9. Temporary Sign Permit Form (PDF 266 kb)
10. Fire Permit Form Fillable (PDF 228 kb)
11. Escrow Deposit Form New System (PDF 36 kb)
12. Quick Reference Guide (PDF 530 kb)
13. New system FAQ Guide (PDF 24 kb)


1. Permit Fees (PDF 121 kb)
2. Notice of Commencement Fillable (PDF 150 kb)
3. Property Owner Disclosure (PDF 34 kb)
4. Sign Plan Review Checklist rev 2015 (PDF 55kb)
5. Sign Contractor Licensing (PDF 13kb)
6. G-21-07 Footings Supported On Fill (PDF 79 kb)
7. JEA Online Service Availability Form (website)
8. Bulletin T-01-09 Mobile Home Permitting (PDF 38 kb)
9. Contractor Asbestos Notification Statement (PDF 201 kb)

Plan Review

1. Building Code Summary Template (PDF 82 kb)
2. Residential Plan Review Checklist (PDF 161 kb)
3. Applicant Information Sheet (PDF 66 kb)
4. Minimum Drawings Standards, February 2017 (194 kb)
5. Cover Sheet Drawing (PDF 59 kb)
6. Revisions Form (PDF 64 kb)
7. Master-Repeat Information Review Form (PDF 279 kb)


1. Residential Building Inspection Policies (PDF 122 kb)
2. Refusal of Inspections by Homeowner (PDF 6 kb)
3. Request for Insp Exempt Repl Resid HVAC Equip (PDF 36 kb)


1. Homeowner Sunroom Enclosure Affidavit (PDF 37 kb)
2. Owner Contractor Affidavit (PDF 75 kb)
3. No Tree Verification Affidavit (PDF 45 kb)
4. G-04-08 Clarification of Roof Replacement Req (PDF 60 kb)
5. G-02-09 Attaching a Sunroom (PDF 47 kb)
6. Affidavit for Electrical Work in or around a Tent (PDF 24kb)
7. Mandatory Duct Inspection Certification for HVAC Changeout (PDF 86 kb)
8. Existing Slab Affidavit (PDF 61 kb)

Waivers and Liens

1. Notice to Owner (PDF 7 kb)
2. Conditional waiver and release of lien upon final payment (PDF 8 kb)
3. Conditional waiver and release of lien upon progress payment (PDF 8 kb)
4. Waiver and release of lien upon final payment (PDF 6 kb)
5. Partial release of lien (PDF 7 kb)

General Forms 

1. Destructive Roofing-In-Progress Inspection Application (PDF 82 kb)
2. CTQB BID Complaint Form (PDF 540 kb)
3. Electrical Temp Service Letter (PDF 15 kb)
4. Fence Requirements Around Pools (PDF 40 kb)
5. Owner Information Certificate Fire Marshal (PDF 61 kb)
6. Sign Bond (PDF 13 kb)
7. Application for Sign Waiver (PDF 66 kb)
8. TCO-PCO-PST Application (PDF 14 kb) 
9. Product Approval Information Sheet (PAIS) (PDF 73kb)
10. Notice to Use Private Provider (PDF 116 kb)
11. Lot Grading Verification Form (PDF 192 kb)
12. E-01-07 Equipotential Grid (PDF 180 kb)
13. L-01-07 Standardization of DMG Plan Submittal (PDF 68 kb)
14. Grassing Letter (PDF 43 kb)
15. Mobile and Manufactured Home Permitting (PDF 90 kb)
16. Form Board Elevation Certificate (PDF 24 kb)
17. G-01-08 Grading and Slab Elevation for In-Fill Lots (PDF 43kb)
18. Modular Building Requirements (PDF 13 kb)
19. BCAB Variance Docket Form (PDF 36 kb)
20. Requirements for starting a business in the City of Jacksonville (PDF 42 kb)
21. Emergency JEA Power Reconnection Form (PDF 95 kb)
22. Blower Door Test Form (PDF 414KB)

Sustainable Buildings

1. COJ Sustainable Buildings Ordinance Agent Authorization (PDF 48 kb)
2. COJ Sustainable Building Certification Refund Grant Program (webpage)

Documents can either be printed from the screen and typed or filled in online and then printed. Use the Tab key to move from line to line.

All signatures must be originals.

To download: Click on the title of the form. The form will open using the Adobe Reader. 

New Contractor Registration
Registration Form Fillable100908.pdf (PDF 166k)