The City of Jacksonville’s Building Inspection Division has been accepting the online submission of trade permits for well over ten years. The online submission of building permits was added to this process in 2017. This to say, we’ve been doing this for some time now.
Please read thru this entire summary of the process before starting. Our Permitting system was developed in-house and reflects the City of Jacksonville’s ordinances and processes. It may not have the same workflow as systems in other jurisdictions.
Statuses and other Terms to Know
  • TEMPORARY – Applicant has generated a permit number and entered information into the BID system.  In this status, the permit has not been submitted for review/approval. This is the first of the two Building Permit statuses that will allow the applicant to upload documents.  The other being RETURN for CORRECTIONS.
  • INTAKE – Applicant has electronically submitted a permit package to the City as an electronic plan review type. A Permit Assistant will check to see if the permit application package is sufficient for review. If it is, the status will change to Agency Review. If not, it will be returned for corrections. Items that will need to be addressed can be found on the “Prereq” tab of the Building Permit in the permitting system.
  • SUFFICIENCY REVIEW – Very high-level check to confirm all necessary documents are included and in the correct folder/s, permit data is correct, etc.  This is NOT considered a PLAN REVIEW.
  • WAITING – Internal status used by Building Inspection Division staff on certain permit types.  Permits in this status do not require additional documentation in order to review for code compliance.  Such as; Roofing, Window and Door, Siding, small trade jobs (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing), etc.
  • AGENCY REVIEW- Permit application is available for Zoning, Concurrency, Development Services, and other agencies to their review/approval. These approvals can be tracked on the “Prereq” and “Agency” tabs.
  • AGENCY NOT APPROVED – One or more of the reviewing agencies did not approve the application to proceed to IN REVIEW.  Check the “Prereq” and “Agency” tabs for items that must be addressed to obtain agency approval.
  • PENDING REVIEW PAYMENT – The application is sufficient for plan review.  The plan review fee must be paid in order to move into IN REVIEW.
  • IN REVIEW – The permit application package is now in the plan review queue. And will be assigned to a Plans Examiner.  Note, the permit application will be reviewed in the order it was submitted.
  • RETURN for CORRECTIONS – There are items identified during the plan review that must be addressed prior to the issuance of a permit. This is the second of the two statuses that will allow the applicant to upload documents.
  • APPROVED - PENDING PAYMENT – Review and processing of the permit is finished and the permit application package has been accepted for the issuance of the permit.  Once the Building Permit Fee Transmittal is paid, the permit will be ACTIVE.
  • DIGITAL SIGNATURE – A type of electronic signature that encrypts the PDF document confirming its validity, typically using a third-party software (Docusign, Adobe, IdenTrust, etc.). It is not simply an image of a designer’s seal and signature.

How to create a Building Permit Online
  • Log into your company’s profile in the Permitting Application at with your User Name and Password.  Please note your User Name is your Company ID Number.
    • If you do not have a profile in our online system, please reach out to our Permit Assistants for help. They can be reached at or at 904-255-8500.
  • Start a building permit by clicking ‘Building’ under ‘Permits’ > ‘Add’.
    • BID Tip – Each structure on the site will require its own building permit (mailbox kiosk, dumpster enclosure, etc.).
  • The permit will begin in “Temporary” status with no permit number assigned.
  • The first time the permit is saved (“Save” button in upper left of the window) a permit number will be generated. A permit number does not indicate the issuance of a permit, but is used to track the application through the permitting system.
  • Complete the first five tabs of the permit as necessary (ID, Property, Overview, Spec1 and Spec2). 
    • BID Tip – Be sure to save your data on each tab before going to the next tab.
  • Please note the email you provide (‘contact’ on the ID tab) will receive notifications about the plan review and when the permit changes status.  This will be the only means of communication for electronically submitted permitted applications.
  • BID Tip - To be able to upload plans on the Upload tab, you must select ‘Electronic’ as the plans type on the ID tab. This will activate the Upload tab.
Validating an Address – the Property tab
  • To enter the address, it is helpful to use a ‘wildcard search’ by entering the building number and part of the street name then selecting ‘Validate’. 
  • Select the desired address, confirming correct Street Direction and Unit Number.  Then select ‘Set as Address’. 
  • BID Tip – The COJ Addressing Office assigns a unique unit number to each structure on the site.
Uploading Documents – the Upload tab
  • Our online permitting system will only accept PDF files.  Please note the PDF files cannot be password protected.
  • Upload PDF files from your computer using the ‘Browse’ button.  All documents professionally prepared by an architect or engineer shall bear an electronically embedded Digital Signature using a third-party certificate authority in accordance with Florida Statute and Board rules.
  • Each page of the PDF file shall have a title block that identifies the file as unique to the permit address.
  • All similar pages must be combined into a single document.  For example, ten architectural pages are to be submitted as one ten-page pdf, not as ten single page pdf’s. 
  • Place the files in the appropriate folders by using the drop-down menu in the ‘Folder’ column (i.e., professionally designed signed and sealed manifest documents belong in the correspondence folder). 
  • Clicking ‘Save’ will upload the documents and create a submission.
  • Repeat the above process for each of your documents.
  • Do not click on the ‘Submit for Approval’ button until all required documents have been uploaded.
  Printing your Permit Application for Signatures – the Printable Docs tab
  • From the ‘Printable Docs’ tab of the online permit, print out a copy of the completed permit application by selecting ‘Permit Application’ from the list.
  • On the printed copy of the permit application, obtain Contractor and Owner signatures and Notaries for both.
  • After the application is signed and notarized, scan and save it as a PDF file.
  • From your computer, upload the application to the online permit, placing it in the ‘Permit Application’ folder.
  • BID Tip – Turn off any ‘Pop-Up’ blockers your browser or computer may be running.
Your Initial Submission and Sufficiency Review – the Prereq tab
  • When finished uploading documents, click the ‘Submit for Approval’ button. 
  • If you are successful, the permit status will change to “Intake”.
  • Once the permit is in the “Intake” status, you will not be able to make any changes or upload additional documents.
    • If the status does not change from ‘Temporary’ to ‘Intake’, then there are issues that must be addressed before submission.
  • The Permit Application Package will be reviewed for sufficiency before forwarding for agency review.   
  • If the intake reviewer finds the submission incomplete or containing errors, it will not be forwarded for agency review and the status will be changed to “Return for Corrections”. 
  • The issues that need correction will appear on the ‘Prereq’ tab.
  • An email notification will be sent to the Project Contact’s email address entered on the ID tab notifying them of the status change to either “Agency Review” or “Return for Corrections”.
  • If complete, the permit will be forwarded to Zoning, Concurrency Management, and Development Services for review.  The permit status will change to “Agency Review”. 
Agency Review – the Agency tab
  • The Agency review status can be viewed on the Agency tab.
  • Please note, the Agency tab only indicates the review status of the following agencies:
    • Zoning: 904-255-8300,
    • Concurrency: 904-255-8330,
    • Development Services Review Group (Drainage and Flood approvals): 904-255-8310,
  • There may be other State and Local agency approvals (i.e., Historical, Health Department, Downtown Investment Authority, etc.) that must be obtained prior to electronically submitting a building permit application.  Proof of other agency approvals can be signatures on the permit application, where applicable, or copies of correspondence, which can be uploaded to the Correspondence folder.
  • From the “Prereq” tab, you are able to determine if any additional agencies approvals may be required.. 
  • If identified, these agency approvals shall be obtained prior to permit submission and uploaded as part of your submission.
  • Please note, the scope of work, as well as other factors, may generate the need for additional agency approvals that may be identified during the course of the plan review.
  • When all agencies have either approved or conditionally approved for plan review only the permit application, the permit status will change to “Pending Review Payment” and an email notification will be sent to the contact email address entered on the ID tab.
Returned for Corrections – from Agency Review permit status
  • If the permit is ‘returned for corrections’ from Agency Review, the review comments will be found on the Agency and Prereq tabs. 
  • You will need to address the comments and upload any documents (if necessary).  Once all comments are addressed, click on the ‘submit for approval’ button.
Paying the Plan Review Fee
  • The following can only be done while logged into your online BID account.
  • When action is required on a permit, such as the payment of the Plan Review Fee, the permit will appear in the ‘Company Action Required’ section of the Welcome screen. 
  • To pay your plan review fee, from “My Profile” select the tab titled “Fees”.
  • Check the box to the left of the items you wish to pay, select a payment method, and then click ‘Proceed’.
  • When the review fee is paid, the permit status will change to “In Review”.
  • The plan review will not begin until the review fee is paid.
In Review – the Plan Review tab
  • After the review fee is paid, you can follow the progress of the review on the “Plan Review” tab.
  • Once you see action by the plan reviewers, by selecting ‘Print Submission Comments’, you can view a partial list of plan review comments.  The list will remain incomplete until the plan review is finished and the permit is either moved to Pending Payment or Returned for Corrections.
  • You will not be able to change information in the permit or upload additional documents while the permit is in any status other than “Temporary” and “Return for Corrections”. 
Return for Corrections – from Plan Review permit status
  • If corrections are required, the permit will change to the “Return for Corrections” status.  An email notification will be sent to the contact email address entered on the ID tab. 
  • BID TIP - The “Current” submission on the Upload tab will contain the most recent version of all uploaded documents.
  • After uploading the corrected documents, click the “Save” button to create an additional submission folder on the Upload tab. The submission folder numbers on the upload tab are not designed to correspond with the submissions on the Plan Review tab.
  • BID TIP - The inclusion of a typewritten narrative detailing how the plan review comments were addressed will help our staff complete the review of the resubmission more quickly.  This document should be uploaded to the Correspondence folder.
  • Once all corrections have been saved, clicking the “Submit for Approval” button will move the permit back into “In Review” status, create a plan review submission on the Plan Review tab, and place the permit back in the plan review queue.
  • An email notification of the permit status change will be sent to the contact email address entered on the ID tab. 
  • When plan review determines the permit application package is complete and code compliant, the status will change to “Approved – Pending Payment”.
  • The permit will show up on the “Welcome” Dashboard under Company Action Required as described previously. 
  • It will also appear in the fees tab of “My Profile”. Pay for the permit in the same manner as you paid the plan review fee (see previous step).
  • When the permit fee transmittal is paid, the permit status will change to “Active”. 
  • BID TIP - You will not be able to request any inspections until the Building Inspection Division receives a copy of the recorded/stamped Notice of Commencement. A copy of the recorded/stamped NOC can be submitted several ways:
    • Scanned and uploaded with your permit package during review,
    • At the front counter,
    • Scan and email the document to
Printing Documents
  • BID Tip – Turn off any ‘Pop-Up’ blockers your browser or computer may be running for the COJ permitting webpages.
  • After the permit is in “Active” status, save or print out the stamped plans from the “Current” submission folder on the “Upload” tab by clicking on the document name.  The document will open in your local PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader.  Larger files may take longer to open.
  • Print the document from your PDF reader, or save the documents to be printed at your favorite print shop.
  • A complete and legible set of the stamped permit documents must be printed and available onsite for all inspections.
  Trouble Shooting
  • If the City web site cannot open-
    • Turn off any “pop up” blockers your browser or computer may be running.  Are you using an APPLE or MAC computer?  Only certain browsers on an Apple computer are compatible with BID.
  • If Parts of the screen do not display and/or some fields are not accessible-
    • Turn off any “pop up” blockers your browser of computer may be running.  Are you using an APPLE or MAC computer?  Only certain browsers on an Apple computer are compatible with BID.
  • If After entering and completing all the data field, and submit for approval, the permit status does not change from Temporary status.
    • There is likely bad or missing data.  Check all fields and correct as necessary.  Remember to save your data on each screen before moving to the next tab or screen.
  • If the Upload tab is not active- 
    • Be sure to select “Electronic” as the plan type on the ID tab.
  • If You inadvertently selected ‘submit for approval’ before uploading all your documents-
    • You will need to call the Building Department 255-8200.  Your permit application will be reset to RETURN FOR CORRECTIONS to allow you to complete your upload.
  • If Trying to UPLOAD or PRINT documents and an ERROR displays with a message to contact IT-
    • This is due to a server overload or the connection timing out.  Log out and log back in to BID to reset the connection.  Or wait 15 or 20 minutes and try again.
    • Approved plans CANNOT be printed from the ‘Printable Docs’ tab.  You must use the ‘Upload’ tab.
  • If You do not have a City ID# and password-
    • Reach out to our Permit Assistants for help. They can be reached at or at 904-255-8500.