In an effort to improve customer service, all inspectors' mobile phone numbers are now listed on our website. Please be considerate of the inspector's time when calling. Taking up too much of his or her time on phone calls may keep someone from getting an inspection that day. The intent of giving out the phone numbers is to save time by resolving questions and saving us another trip, or perhaps you could leave them a message as to where you placed the drawings or where they could meet you if necessary, etc. Keep in mind that it is city policy not to use the cell phone while driving, so you may need to leave a message.

Do not call for issues that can be resolved by looking on our website. Examples: "When are you going to get here?" or "Did my inspection pass or fail?"

To request a cancellation

However, if you do cancel an inspection when you are close to next on the list, it is helpful to call the inspector to let them know.

To request an inspection.

If you are having problems requesting an inspection online, you can always call an operator at 630-1100.

Do not call to ask 'Can you move my inspection up on the list?' The inspector routes his workload in the best way he can to ensure he can complete all inspections. Not call the inspector after hours (3:30 p.m.) or weekends/holidays unless you know they are working.

Activity Last Name  First Name CellPhone#
Building Bevill Michael 509-1951
Building Britt Garland 509-1932
Building Camp Terris 509-1925
Building Coulter Robert 509-6356
Building Edelson Joseph 509-1935
Building Herringdine Curtis 509-0105
Building Kilgour Matthew 509-1922
Building McRae John 509-2952
Building Moore Bryant 566-3147
Building Myers Richard 424-6962
Building Papa, Jr. Nicanor 509-1929
Building Pataky Ronald 509-1950
Building Peterson, Jr. Norman 591-3459
Building Pietschker Erik 535-8807
Building Raulerson Jimmy 566-3354
Building Reyes Erasmo 509-2759
Building Rogerson Richard 509-1926
Building Sharpe Donald 509-1927
Building Smith Milton 509-0024
Building Turner Richard 566-2743
Electrical Davis, Jr. Harold 483-7516
Electrical Hyatt Arlie 483-7537
Electrical Luke Gary 483-7528
Electrical Pringle Jr. William 483-7520
Electrical Roberts Steve 483-7527
Electrical Shiferdek Lynn 483-7521
Electrical Smith Jeff 509-0468
Electrical Williams James 424-6963
Electrical Wingate James 483-7518
Mechanical Romano Carl 483-7530
Mechanical Grundy Rafeal 509-9104
Mechanical Martinson Gary 483-7534
Mechanical Meeks Randy 483-7532
Mechanical Smith Jerry 483-7529
Mechanical Soles Billy 483-7531
Plumbing Doria John 483-7542
Plumbing Ford Randy 483-7539
Plumbing Rickert Brian 483-7541
Plumbing Robinson Jr James 483-7544
Plumbing Rogers Donald 483-7525

Please abide by our divisional policies, as listed below, for when to call and not call an inspector. The inspectors have the authority to not return calls to someone who abuses these policies.