Master-Repeat permitting allows for the permitting of a repeat residential building that is identical to a building that has been submitted, reviewed, and approved within the same code cycle.  The process allows the builder to submit a building for plan review without duplicating documents that would be unchanged when building the identical structure such as the architectural drawings, structural drawings, or truss package.  The permit package for a Master-Repeat building may be submitted across the counter or electronically. For more information on Electronic Plan Submission, please see our website,

The Master-Repeat building must be identical in footprint, roofline, dimensions, floor plan, height, and exterior finishes.  Home may be mirrored/flipped, but cannot provide for options that are not identical to the original/master structure.

The permit package for the Master-Repeat building must include:

  • Completed permit application,
  • Two copies of the site plan,
  • Two sets of site specific energy forms,
  • Septic tank permit (if applicable),
  • JEA Letter of Service Availability (not required for new subdivisions),
  • Two copies of the Pre/Post Development drainage plan (if required per Bulletin G-02-14), and
  • The Master-Repeat Information Review Form.

In addition to the building being identical as described above, the repeat structure must be in the same or lower Exposure category as the master structure.

The Engineer of Record signing and sealing the Master-Repeat Information Review Form for the repeat building must be the same Engineer of Record for the master building.

If you have any further questions regarding this process, please contact Joshua Gideon at 904-255-8521 or

Master-Repeat Information Review Form