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Land Development Procedures Manual -- Whole Document (PDF 24MB)

Individual Sections


Section 1.0 - Land Development Procedures (PDF 37KB)
Section 2.0 - Traffic Engineering Requirements (PDF 45KB)
Section 3.0 - Roadway Design Requirements (PDF 27KB)
Section 4.0 - Development Drainage Requirements (PDF 94KB)
Sections 5.0 & 6.0 - Potable Water & Wastewater (PDF 19KB)
Section 7.0 - Solid Waste (PDF 10KB)
Section 8.0 - Record Plat Requirements (PDF 8KB)
Section 9.0 - Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND) (PDF 11KB)

Appendix 1 - Attachments

Attachment 1 Estimated Time Requirements (PDF 9KB)
Attachment 2 Written Statement For Pre-Application Procedure (PDF 15KB)
Attachment 3 Legal Description PDF 11KB)
Attachment 4 Shop Drawings (PDF 24KB)
Attachment 5 Trade Names (PDF 11KB)
Attachment 6A City Inspection Letter (PDF 25KB)
Attachment 6B Private Inspection Letter PDF 16KB)
Attachment 7 Sample Plat Bond Approval Letter (PDF 18KB)
Attachment 8 Schedule of Fees (PDF 15KB)
Attachment 9 Engineer's Certificate of Completion (PDF 10KB)
Attachment 10 Surveyor's Certificate (PDF 9KB)
Attachment 11 Owner's Certificate of Construction Completion (PDF 17KB)
Attachment 12 Warranty, Indemnification and Acceptance Agreement (DOC 82KB)
Attachment 13 DELETED - incorporated into Attachment 12
Attachment 14 DELETED - incorporated into Attachment 12
Attachment 15 Revocable Permit (PDF 45KB) Revocable Permit Instructions
Attachment 16 DELETED - incorporated into Attachment 12
Attachment 17 Bill of Sale (PDF 13KB)
Attachment 18 As-Built Stamp - Engineer (DOC 52KB)
Attachment 19 As-Built Stamp - Surveyor (DOC 53KB)
Attachment 19A As-Built Stamp - Contractor (DOC 52KB)
Attachment 20 Open Space Acknowledgement 
Attachment 21 Government Agencies (PDF 16KB)
Attachment 22 Model Homes Restrictive Covenant
Attachment 23 Real Estate Forms (DOC 37KB)
Attachment 24A Plat Adoption and Dedication (A&D) with Stormwater Management Facilities (PDF 16KB)
Attachment 24B Plat A&D without Stormwater Management Facilities (PDF 14KB)
Attachment 24C Plat A&D-Private (PDF 16KB)
Attachment 24D Mortgage Company Consent and Joinder Statements (PDF 13KB)
Attachment 25 Checklist For Construction Plans (PDF 41KB)
Attachment 26 As-Built Requirements - Paving & Drainage (PDF 9KB)
Attachment 27 DELETED - incorporated into JEA Standards
Attachment 28 DELETED - incorporated into JEA Standards
Attachment 29 Digital Subdivision Files ('911' Disk) (PDF 18KB)
Attachment 30 Driveway ClassificationD (PDF 100KB)
Attachment 31 DELETED - incorporated into JEA Standards
Attachment 32 Storm Sewer Tabulation Form (XLS 23KB)
Attachment 33 Application In-Lieu Sidewalk Fee (PDF 178KB)
Attachment 34 Checklist for Record Plats (PDF 17KB)
Attachment 35 Detention Basin Design Form (PDF 49KB)
Attachment 36 Stormwater Management Facility Locations (PDF 8KB)
Attachment 37 General Note for Unobstructed Easement (PDF 10KB)
Attachment 38 No Tree Verification Affidavit (PDF 26KB)
Attachment 39 Flood Zone Notes (PDF 14KB)
Attachment 40 Standard Transmittal Letter (PDF 34KB)

Appendix 2 - Restricted Drainage Basins

Volumetric Pre/Post Basins

Sandlewood Canal / Hogpen Creek (PDF 2.8MB)
Cedar River / Willis Branch (PDF 3.5MB)
Pablo Creek (PDF 3.5MB)

Half CFS Basins

Atlantic Boulevard at Girvin Road (northeast quadrant) (PDF 2.8MB)
Christopher Creek (PDF 3.1MB)
Doctors Branch (PDF 3.3MB)
Orange Picker Road and Mandarin Road (PDF 3.1MB)
Moncrief Creek (PDF 3.7MB)

Appendix 3 - TND Typical Sections

Traditional Neighborhood Design Typical Sections (PDF 434KB)

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