There are a vast array of published guidelines, websites, and resources available to assist in the development and implementation of active transportation infrastructure, policies, and programs. The following list provides links to key local and national guidance documents, resources, and agency web pages referenced by transportation practitioners, with a focus on nonmotorized modes of travel.

Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities AASHTO 2012
AASHTO Council of Active Transportation Research Road Map AASHTO 2021
Essentials of Bike Parking APBP 2015
Interactive On-Street Bikeway and Shared-Use Paths (Trails) Network Map COJ  
City of Jacksonville Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan COJ 2017
Core-2-Coast Trail Project COJ  
Land Development Procedures Manual COJ 2022
East Coast Greenway Alliance ECGA  
Improving Safety for Pedestrians and Bicyclists Accessing Transit FHWA 2022
Bikeway Selection Guide FHWA 2019
Improving Intersections for Pedestrians and Bicyclists FHWA 2022
Measuring Multimodal Network Connectivity FHWA 2018
Pedestrian Lighting Primer FHWA 2022
Transportation Safety Planning and the Zero Deaths Vision FHWA 2018
Incorporating On-Road Bicycle Networks Into Resurfacing Projects FHWA 2016
Road Diet Informational Guide FHWA  2014
Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide FHWA 2015
PedSafe FHWA  
BikeSafe FHWA  
Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Analysis Tool (PBCAT) FHWA  
Emerald Trail Master Plan and Implementation Strategy Groundwork Jacksonville 2021
Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares: A Context Sensitive Approach ITE 2010
Designing Streets for Kids NACTO 2019
Designing for All Ages and Abilities NACTO 2017
Don't Give Up at the Intersection NACTO 2019
Global Street Design Guide NACTO 2016
North Florida Transportation Planning Organization: Studies and Initiatives North FL TPO  
Rails to Trails Conservancy RTTC  
Complete Streets Coalition SGA  
USDOT Pedestrian Safety Action Plan USDOT 2020
Moving to a Complete Streets Model: A Report to Congress USDOT 2022
Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center USDOT