City of Jacksonville Communications Style Guide
Communications Style Guide, .PDF, 6M

City Seal Logo (Silver & Blue)
City Logo Silver & Blue, .jpg, 300K
City Logo Silver & Blue, .png, 1.25M
City Logo Silver & Blue, .eps, 886K
City Logo Silver & Blue, signature, .jpg (Maximum size in signature block 2 inches wide)
City Logo, black & white, .jpg,  448K

City Seal Logo (Black & White)
City Seal, black & white, jpg, 342K

COJ Text Logo
COJ Text, 2 color, .jpg, 126K
COJ Text, 2 color, .png, 18.9K
COJ Text, 2 color, signature, .jpg (Maximum size in signature block 2 inches wide)
COJ Text, 2 color, horizontal, .jpg, 999K
COJ Text, black & white, .png, 8.73K
COJ Text, black & white, horizontal, .jpg, 998K

COJ PPTX Presentations
Please note that there is no citywide template for slideshow presentations. Presentations are specific and unique to individual departments. When creating a presentation, please follow the slideshow guidelines from the Communications Style Guide.