Residents Reminded Of Watering Restrictions As Clocks Roll Back One Hour

November 04, 2013  
Watering restrictions set at one day per week with the change to standard time

Watering restrictions set at one day per week with the change to standard time

The City of Jacksonville Neighborhoods Department reminds Duval County residents that with the change to Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013, they should also reduce lawn and landscape irrigation to no more than one day per week.

Designed to conserve Jacksonville’s water supply and reduce the amount of nutrients flowing into the St. Johns River, Chapter 366 of the city’s Ordinance Code limits watering to one day a week during Eastern Standard Time. During this period of cooler weather, lawns and landscapes need less water to thrive.

Residential properties with an address that ends in an odd number or places without an address may water on Saturday and addresses that end in an even number may water on Sunday.  Non-residential irrigation is only permitted on Tuesday.
Watering is allowed only before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m. year-round.  Some exceptions to the restrictions apply, such as using a hand-held irrigation tool, micro-irrigation systems, maintenance and repair, or watering to establish new landscaping.  
Violators of the irrigation schedule and fertilizer ordinance requirements will be issued a warning ticket for the first observed offense and tickets for $50 and $250 for the second and third violations, respectively.  Violators may also be subject to other enforcement.
Lawn watering will resume to two designated days per week beginning March 9, 2014.  
To learn more about the restrictions, visit the City of Jacksonville Neighborhoods Department at or visit the St. Johns River Water Management District at
Residents are also reminded that the