City Closes Small Section of Coastline Drive and Northbank Riverwalk

June 12, 2007  

The City of Jacksonville yesterday announced the closure of a small portion of Coastline Drive, just west of the Newnan Street intersection. Inspections conducted by the city and Florida Department of Transportation have identified some deterioration to the support infrastructure in this area. In an abundance of caution, this section of Coastline Drive and the Northbank Riverwalk will remain closed until the infrastructure is repaired.

A contract has recently been awarded for the repair of these pilings. The city is working as quickly as possible to finalize the contract and hopes to begin the repair work within the next several weeks.

Tonnage restrictions placed in effect in January 2007 still apply to Coastline Drive from the closed area to Liberty Street. Those restrictions limit traffic in the area to passenger vehicles and authorized commercial vehicles. The city will continue to work with local businesses and merchants to coordinate commercial traffic in the area.

Access to the front entrance Hyatt Riverwalk hotel is available via Market Street at this time.

Also, work to remove the concrete planters along the Northbank Riverwalk is scheduled to begin the week of June 25 and continue through September. During that time closures will be required along Coastline Drive and the Riverwalk.