City Leaders Celebrate Drainage Project Groundbreaking

February 13, 2009  

Mayor John Peyton, State Representative Mia Jones, District 10 City Council Member Reginald Brown, and members of the Lincoln Villa Community Association-West today held a ceremony to celebrate the groundbreaking of the Lincoln Villa Phase I drainage improvement project.

Funded by the Jacksonville Stormwater Utility, the $3.7 million project will include improvements to roadside drainage and the construction of three stormwater retention ponds. These features will help to address reoccurring flooding problems and treat stormwater runoff.

'These much needed drainage improvements will help to improve quality of life for area residents by mitigating reoccurring flooding issues,' said Mayor Peyton. 'Moreover, the improvements will also provide another means to help to capture and treat stormwater runoff. In turn, this and other Jacksonville Stormwater Utility projects help further our goals to improve water quality by reducing nutrients from runoff before it reaches the St. Johns River and its tributaries.'

'This project has been a long time coming. It signifies the next step in addressing the essential needs of a community that has been crying out for help for many years,' said Representative Jones.

'This is the first of many essential projects that will have a positive impact District 10,' said Council Member Brown. 'I applaud the constituents for their patience and am pleased to announce this forward progress.'

Construction is anticipated to be complete in November.

In 2007, the City of Jacksonville authorized the implementation of the Jacksonville Stormwater Utility. This dedicated stormwater funding source enables the city to directly manage and reliably prioritize and implement projects, programs and services associated with the city's stormwater management system.

The stormwater utility generates the revenue that is dedicated to meeting new and existing stormwater requirements and to improving Jacksonville's water system, including one of the city's greatest assets—the St. Johns River.

This entity is responsible for the assessment and collection of a stormwater fee applied to residential and non-residential properties based on the parcel's impervious area and administration of those funds to implement stormwater management projects.