JCC Announces 2008 Summer Camp Program

May 02, 2008  

The Jacksonville Children's Commission (JCC) has launched its 2008 Summer Camp program by allocating grants to more than 60 percent of the organizations that applied to receive funding.

“We know that children who are engaged during ‘out of school' times are less likely to get in trouble or get involved in criminal activity,” said Mayor John Peyton. “In addition, children involved in our summer camp programs will be engaged in activities that curtail summer learning loss and expose them to career choices, as well as helping them learn skills they need to succeed in tomorrow's workforce.”

Twenty-five organizations which run 76 camps, for a total of 3,528 camp seats, have received funding from the JCC. To guarantee a set standard of content and quality for summer camp providers, camps receiving JCC funding have demonstrated they will follow the research-based 3E curriculum model.

The goals of the 3Es curriculum model are to provide EXPOSURE to children through experiential learning and career education, to promote EXPERIENCE in real world situations and the workforce and to create EXCITEMENT and sense of ownership for the child's own education and future. Camp providers will ensure the following components are included in their programming: literacy enrichment: math and science enrichment, workforce development, cultural enrichment, service leadership and field trips.

Registration for these camps will be held at the individual camp sites. Parents interested in enrolling their child in camp this summer should contact the organizations directly to learn more about availability and how to register their child.

A complete list of 2008 Summer Camps may be found at any branch of the Jacksonville Public Library, on the JCC Web site, www.jaxkids.net; or by calling (904) 630-3647.

All JCC-funded camps will provide a quality six-week camp experience and will be held Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Camp programs are open to Duval County children currently in kindergarten through 15 years of age.

A parent fee is required and will be assessed by all partnering camps to help offset costs not covered by the JCC. Parent fees may not exceed $10 per week, but camps may decide the actual amount based on their target population's needs. While camps are allowed to charge extra for extended day (beyond 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.) and for some field trip costs, many are using the parent fee to cover one or both of these costs.

Children participating in the free/reduced lunch program or who have documented special needs or are recipients of the McKay Scholarship or Children First Florida Scholarship are eligible for seats at selected camps.

In addition, the JCC will distribute information about the camp program at each of The Jacksonville Journey Solution Session exhibition fairs. The exhibition fair will begin at 5:30 p.m. and a town-hall style meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m.

- May 15

o FCCJ North Campus – Zeke Bryant Auditorium, 4501 Capper Road, 32218

- May 22

o Clanzel Brown Community Center, 4575 Moncrief Road

- May 29

o FCCJ South Campus – Wilson Center for the Arts, 11901 Beach Blvd.

- June 5

o FCCJ Kent Campus – Main Auditorium, 3939 Roosevelt Blvd., 32205

The Jacksonville Journey Positive Youth Development Subcommittee was charged by the mayor with examining the role of out-of-school programs such as summer camp, afterschool and summer job programs. The recommendations are currently under consideration by the Steering and Funding Committees.

The subcommittee has recommended that the City of Jacksonville expand high-quality summer camp programs to all elementary and middle school-age children living in JSO Zone One who meet qualifications of the free and reduced lunch program (approximately 11,566 children). In addition, the subcommittee has also recommended expanding the program from six weeks to eight weeks per child.

To learn more about the Jacksonville Children's Commission, visit www.jaxkids.net or call (904) 630-3647