JFRD Launches Career Academy

September 21, 2007  

Mayor John Peyton, Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department (JFRD) Director Dan Kleman, FCCJ President Dr. Steven Wallace, Duval County School Board Member Brenda Priestly-Jackson and A. Philip Randolph (APR) principal Rhonda Motley today welcomed students and parents to an open house celebrating the new JFRD High School Career Academy.

The JFRD academy, one of several magnets located at APR, will provide students with a significant boost when it comes to a career in emergency services. The four year program will allow students to earn CPR certification, First Responder Certification, Emergency Medical Technician Certification (EMT), Firefighter (1) Certification and other college credits.

Mayor Peyton told waiting families that the program is an outstanding example of teamwork between the school board, the fire department, FCCJ and APR. 'Providing students with this kind of specialized training is invaluable,' he said. 'Participants will graduate from high school well on their way to a career in emergency services. In addition, FCCJ is providing a clear path for further education and a solid career of community service here in Jacksonville.'

The city's Chief of Rescue, Charles Moreland, has been instrumental in getting the academy up and running. Chief Moreland anticipates a high demand for the training. 'Firefighting is a profession that is highly admired and desired by many students, and this academy will allow them to pursue those dreams in a realistic and academic way,' he said. 'We are working closely with both APR and FCCJ on the curriculum, and expect to have some outstanding graduates in a just a few short years.'

The JFRD Career Academy is a four year program available through the Duval County Public School magnet system. For more information, call the DCPS Magnet Office at (904) 390-2000.