City Leaders Celebrate Drainage Improvement Project Groundbreaking

February 26, 2009  

Mayor John Peyton and District 9 City Council Member Warren Jones celebrated the groundbreaking of the Pine Forest drainage improvement project in a ceremony today.

Funded by the Jacksonville Stormwater Utility, the $3.7 million project will include the construction of a stormwater retention pond, which will treat runoff. Also, roadside drainage throughout the neighborhood will be improved with the addition of driveway culverts and ditch regrading. These features will help to address reoccurring flooding problems by diverting stormwater toward the pond.

Concurrently, JEA will perform work in the area to install new water main and sewer force main lines.

“We are pleased to announce the forward progress of another drainage project funded by the Jacksonville Stormwater Utility,” said Mayor Peyton. “Not only will the residents begin to benefit from the positive results of these infrastructure improvements but we are also making an investment in the future of our tributaries and the St. Johns River by reducing pollutants from runoff.”

“Infrastructure improvements, especially drainage, have been a long-standing need in the Pine Forest community. I am committed to improving the infrastructure throughout all of District 9 and especially in older neighborhoods like Pine Forest. Hopefully, this project signals the beginning of a complete revitalization of the Pine Forest neighborhood,” said Council Member Jones. “Thanks to the Pine Forest Community Association and its tireless leaders and to former Council Member Reggie Fullwood for their leadership in developing this project.”

Construction is anticipated to be complete in February 2010.

In 2007, the City of Jacksonville authorized the implementation of the Jacksonville Stormwater Utility. This dedicated stormwater funding source enables the city to directly manage and reliably prioritize and implement projects, programs and services associated with the city's stormwater management system.

The stormwater utility generates the revenue that is dedicated to meeting new and existing stormwater requirements and to improving Jacksonville's water system, including one of the city's greatest assets—the St. Johns River.

This entity is responsible for the assessment and collection of a stormwater fee applied to residential and non-residential properties based on the parcel's impervious area and administration of those funds to implement stormwater management projects.