The Context Sensitive Streets Standards Committee reviews and revises city standard specificationscity standard details and the Land Development Procedures Manual. The Committee recommends amendments to the Jacksonville Code of Ordinances and 2030 Comprehensive Plan relating to transportation, traffic engineering and roadway design, including but not limited to parking, sidewalks, bicycle and pedestrian use and transit. It also advises the appropriate Council committee(s) of its decisions.

The CSSSC is comprised of thirteen members; the Mayor and City Council President each appoint six citizen members from various occupational fields and industries. These members have staggered four-year terms. The Director of Mass Transit from the Jacksonville Transportation Authority serves as the only permanent member. The committee is supported by staff from the Public Works Engineering and Construction Management Division and the Planning and Development Department, and the City's ADA Coordinator.

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Context Sensitive Street Standards Committee

Current Committee Members:

  • Allan Iosue (Chair)
  • Montasser Selim (Co-Chair)
  • Christopher Burns
  • Bernard Jorn
  • Lawrence Roberts
  • Chris Ruen
  • Emily Suter
  • Ameera Sayeed
  • Steve Tocknell
  • Alexander Traversa
We are currently taking applications for unfilled positions as representatives for the Context Sensitive Streets Committee.  We need volunteers to fill the following positions:

Representative of the Home Builders Association
Representative of Jacksonville's Rural Area
Representative from the Trucking Industry

To obtain any information about the Committee, how to volunteer or copies of agendas and minutes, please contact Lurise Bannister, Transportation Planning Services Manager. Email Lurise Bannister. Lurise Bannister can be reached at (904)-255-7839. 


Committee Meetings

Notice is hereby given that the
Context Sensitive Streets Standards Committee
will meet at the date/time listed below:
Thursday, December 9, 2021
10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Edward Ball Building, First Floor Training Room
214 N Hogan Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
The Context Sensitive Streets Standards Committee meeting will also be hosted virtually through the Zoom.US - computer application app.  The meeting will begin promptly at 10:30 A.M.
Meeting ID: 846 7601 2262
Passcode: 157212

Please direct questions to:
Matt Fall, Bicycle-Pedestrian Coordinator
(904) 255-7835

Members of the Context Sensitive Streets Standards Committee will be in attendance at this meeting, and may discuss topics relating to the Context Sensitive Streets Standards Committee.