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There are several FREE, helpful resources to plan your education and career pathway! Check out the sources listed below.

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CareerSource of Northeast Florida offers several resources for young job seekers. Career Trax is a tool to help you develop an action plan for success and guides you through the process of defining your career goals, identifying challenges unique to your situation, and accessing other resources to get you on the path to successful employment.  Visit the CareerSource website to learn more about additional resources.

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Florida Shines provides all the information you need for college prep, from scholarships and financial aid for universities in Florida to post collegiate career planning. Learn more about Florida Shines.

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LinkedIn is a professional networking website for job searches, recruitment, and help with connecting with colleagues and potential employers. This professional network site has lowered its minimum age requirements to allow young college prospects in America who are 14 years old and up to begin networking with and exploring prospective colleges, universities, and employment opportunities. Learn more about LinkedIn.

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My Next Move allows you to explore careers based on your personal interests and training. Learn more about My Next Move.

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Working is an opportunity to learn new things and become more independent.  It can be a fun, exciting and rewarding time in your life!  You should know the general facts about youth employment rights and your responsibilities as a youth employee. Learn more by accessing this Young Worker Toolkit.

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Most people are eligible for financial aid.  Read about the types of financial aid available from the government and other sources: grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study.  Learn more about Federal Student Aid.

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