6/16 Update: All branches are open to serve customers by appointment only. Beginning on June 18th, road tests are offered at Gateway Tuesday through Thursday. Please click here to select a branch location and make an appointment. If you do not see an available appointment for your service type, please check back the following weekday at 8:30 a.m. when additional appointments are released. Please be patient as we provide service in a manner to keep both our customers and employees healthy.

5/27 Update: As of Monday, June 1, all branches except for the new Marietta branch will reopen to serve customers by appointment only. Road tests will not be offered at this time. Appointments will open for scheduling at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, May 28th. Please click here to select a branch location and make an appointment. If you do not see an available appointment for your service type, please check back the following morning at 8:30 a.m.  A new day’s worth of appointments are released each morning at that time. Customers MUST wear a mask and only the customer with the appointment will be allowed to enter.  You will not be permitted to enter the branch until 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment, so please do not arrive any earlier. Please note the location and date for which you make your appointment.  If you arrive at the wrong location or on the wrong date, you will not be served. Customers who can complete their transaction online should continue to do so and only visit the office if the transaction requires it. Customers may sign up here to receive a callback from a call center representative. The Tax Collector and his staff are committed to providing the best customer service possible while meeting or exceeding CDC guidelines. Please be patient as we provide service in a manner to keep both our customers and employees healthy.

The following precautions will be taken to keep employees and customers safe:

  • Customers and staff will be required to wear face masks.  Customers will not be permitted to enter without a face mask.
  • The number of people permitted inside will be limited to 25 percent of total capacity at each location. The number of staffed work stations will be limited to ensure proper social distancing between employees and customers.
  • Tape will be placed on the floor in front of each work station to indicate where the customers should stand in order to maintain 6 feet between the clerk and the customer.
  • Customers should not to arrive prior to their appointment time and will be asked to wait outside or in their vehicles if they do.
  • Customers without an appointment will not be allowed to enter, and only the customer being served will be allowed in with the exception of minors with parents.
  • A cleaning person will be on site all day to clean and sanitize high traffic areas.
  • Driving tests and concealed weapons permits will not be offered at this time.

By executive order EO 20-52:

  • Driver licenses that expire between 3/15/20 and 4/15/20 are extended for sixty (60) days.
  • Driver licenses that expire between 4/16/20 and 4/30/20 are extended for thirty (30) days.
  • Driver licenses that expire between 5/1/20 and 5/31/20 are extended for thirty (30) days.
  • CDL licenses and permits with expiration dates on or after 3/16/20 are extended until 6/30/2020.
  • Delinquent renewal fees during the extension period are waived for those licenses/permits.
  • Waive “in-person” Driving Under the Influence (DUI) program client interviews,
    evaluations, case monitoring, supervision, meetings, and educational courses pursuant to
    section 322.292(4), Florida Statutes, and rule 15A-10.027, Florida Administrative Code,
    until May 31, 2020. In lieu of “in-person” interactions, DUI programs may use distance
    learning methodologies.
Additional provisions of executive order EO 20-52 can be found here.

Q: I renewed my tag online 2-3 weeks ago and still have not received my renewal in the mail.  What is the status of my order?
A: If you requested an address or insurance change with your renewal, your order must be manually processed.  Due to high mail volume, our manual processing time is currently two to three weeks.  If you did not request any changes or it has been more than 4 weeks since you processed your order with changes, then it has likely been lost in transit and you should complete this form to receive a replacement decal at no cost.
Q: Every time I call your Call Center, I receive a busy signal.  How can I reach your office by phone?
A: Due to incredibly high call volume, there are times during the day when the number of calls that are coming in to our office exceed the number of phone lines we have available, which generates a busy signal. You may ask your question by email at taxcollector@coj.net, or message us on Facebook @DuvalCountyTaxCollector or on Twitter @DuvalTaxCollect. If you are calling to make an appointment, please visit our website to book the appointment at www.duvaltaxcollect.net.
Q: I have been trying to make an appointment but I always get a message that no appointments are available.
A: We are currently booking appointments for up to 14 days in advance. An additional day's worth, which is 1,800 appointments, will be released every weekday at 8:30 a.m. If you have not been able to book an appointment for your service type, please try again at 8:30 a.m. the following business day.
Q: I made an appointment, but I can’t remember the date/time/location of my appointment?
A: After making an appointment, you will receive a text AND email confirmation with the details of your appointment.  If you forget your appointment details, please refer back to that text or email.

A list of all services that can be completed by online, phone or mail are listed below. Services include:

Tag/Decal Renewal
Renew or replace a driver's license or ID card
Pay Property Taxes
Renew a Local Business Tax Receipt
Pay a COJ Invoice/Fee
Update Commercial Driver License Medical Card
Purchase Driving Record www.flhsmv.gov
Birth Records visit www.floridahealth.gov/certificates/index.html to obtain details/locations
JEA Utility Bills visit www.JEA.com or pay by phone 665-6000
DL Written Tests online for age 17 and under
EFS dealer transactions  (non-EFS dealers should call (904) 255-5700 for more information)

For additional information regarding other city offices and important safety guidelines, please visit www.jaxready.com/virus.

By executive order EO 20-52, the property tax payment deadline for 2019 taxes has been extended from March 31, 2020 to April 15, 2020.  The payment will be considered on time as long as it is received electronically or postmarked by April 15, 2020.  This applies to the 2019 taxes ONLY.


Tax Deed Auctions have been suspended in Duval County the by the Chief Judge of Florida’s Fourth Judicial District until future notice. Be advised that the Tax Collector will accept applications but it is advised that certificate holders refrain from making application until the order is lifted. Doing so will save the applicant the cost of additional title search updates and fees.