We issue a Local Business Tax Receipt (formerly known as Occupational License Tax Receipt) for any Business, Occupation, or Profession operated in Jacksonville/Duval County. This is not a license, and is separate from any state required licenses.
If the nature of your business is a street/sidewalk/food truck Vendor, a Vendor's Permit  is required to go with your Local Business Tax Receipt.  At our Downtown location, you can pick up a Vendor's packet, which contains detailed information, including a checklist and copy of the applicable ordinance.  This packet is also available online.  The Vendor's Checklist, which includes a listing of all fees and required documentation, can be found here.  The Vendor Permit Application can be downloaded here.  For reference, the City ordinance that outlines vendor permits is in Chapter 250, and can be found via municode here.

Additional information regarding Food Trucks can be found at http://www.coj.net/food-trucks.aspx.
We issue all Business Tax Receipts and Vendor's Permits from our Downtown location, 231 E Forsyth St. (Click here for map).  Supporting documentation includes Corporation registration information, and/or Fictitious Name registration, State License for the profession (if any), Picture ID, SSN/FEE number, and any other required items as indicated on the attached checklist for the type of permit applying for.