Taxpayers may choose to pay their real estate taxes quarterly by participating in an installment payment plan. To be eligible for the program, the taxpayer's estimated taxes must be in excess of $100. Those who qualify must fill out an installment application (right click on the link and select "Save Target" to save a copy on your computer) and return it to the Tax Collector's Office prior to May 1st. Application forms become available after November 1st each year. The application may be faxed to (904) 630-1432, Attn: Installment Processing, delivered in person, or mailed to our office at the following address:

Duval County Tax Collector
Attn: Installment Processing
231 E. Forsyth Street, Suite130
Jacksonville, FL 32202-3370

The first installment payment of the total estimated amount shall be made no later than June 30th. The Tax Collector may accept a late payment for the first installment that includes a penalty of 5 percent if paid by July 31st. Failure to make this first payment by July 31st will automatically cancel the participant from the plan and the taxpayer will be required to pay the gross tax amount in full by March 31st.

After making the first installment payment, the taxpayer is then obligated to participate in the program for the entire year.  After November 1st, the installment bill may be paid in full or the taxpayer may continue to make the quarterly payments.  Discounts do not apply to delinquent payments. Any amount remaining unpaid on April 1st is treated as a delinquent tax bill with additional fees and interest.

The following payment schedule applies to the installment payment plan:

1st installment: 1/4 the total of estimated taxes (based on prior year tax liability) discounted 6 percent. Payment due by June 30th. If paid in July, 5 percent penalty applies.

2nd installment: 1/4 the total estimated taxes (based on prior year tax liability) discounted 4.5 percent. Payment due by September 30th.

3rd installment: 1/4 the total taxes plus 1/2 of any adjustment made for actual tax liability, discounted 3 percent.  Payment due by December 31st.

4th installment: 1/4 of the total taxes plus the remaining 1/2 of any adjustment for actual tax liability.  No discount applies. Payment due by March 31st.

Taxpayers participating in the installment payment plan are automatically re-enrolled each year and do not have to fill out a new application. For additional information, please contact the Tax Collector's Office at (904) 255-5700, option 4.